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Started by jmk - Oct. 6, 2020, 1:17 p.m.

For a long time I wondered why Trump would waste money with ads on Fox News. I saw some Biden ads on Fox and could understand why he would try to move some people to his side. I kept thinking why wouldn't Trump be wiser to spend money on CNN ABC NBC etc. After saying something the wife she looked up on the net and told me from what she could find was the following: CNN refuses to run Trump ads saying they are fake news. NBC and CBS also refused Trump ads unsure about ABC. Was wondering if this was true as I don't watch much of those stations with exception of sports. If true you would think more would be said about it.

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By metmike - Oct. 6, 2020, 2:52 p.m.
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Hi jmk,

This is a great point.  I will look into it later today or Wednesday if I have a chance.

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By metmike - Oct. 6, 2020, 2:57 p.m.
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A quick check appears to confirm this!


CNN Rejects 2 Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Inaccuracies

"The 2020 campaign ad wars have begun.

CNN rejected a pair of provocative ads from President Trump’s re-election campaign on Thursday, saying the 30-second spots deriding the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry — one deeming the effort “nothing short of a coup” — contained inaccuracies and unfairly attacked the network’s journalists.

It is unusual but not unprecedented for television networks to reject a political advertisement from a presidential candidate"

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By jmk - Oct. 6, 2020, 6:41 p.m.
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The problem I have is if any taxpayer money goes to any of these networks. If not its a private co and they can make that call. But if they get anything from the Govt they should be held to a fair standard for all candidates by law at least I would think that should be the case. I have not heard anyone saying anything about this.

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By joj - Oct. 6, 2020, 7:12 p.m.
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Should a network be forced to sell ad time if Trump claims he cured cancer?

The guy lies constantly.

Amazingly, the Trump cult continues to believe him.  Fascinating...

Go ahead Mike.  Call me a troll.  Then call my post absurd.  I'm getting used to it.

By metmike - Oct. 6, 2020, 11:54 p.m.
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I welcome all your posts, especially when they are intended for 2 way conversations. 

When you are trolling, especially numerous consecutive times to the point of it defining the recent joj and other posters note it..............don't expect me to do anything but call it like it is..........while encouraging intelligence discourse from somebody more than capable of communicating that way.

On this particular issue, I will have to do more research on the extent of this and specifics of the reasoning behind CNN denying Trump ads, while many if not almost all  other stations were willing to run the same ads.

We all know that negative political ads have existed for decades and there seems to be virtually no limit to how extreme some of the attacks on opponents have been as well as some pretty extreme embellishing of facts by candidates promoting themselves. 

The question I have here is:

Does CNN turn down other candidates with similar tactics?

If not, then clearly they are applying special rules to President Trump because of  their bias and hatred.

It's no secret that they spend the majority of time during regular programing  bashing everything that Trump does and creating reasons, sometimes with fake news for viewers to hate Trump as much as they do. 

As far as  asking if a network should be forced to sell ads to Trump if he claimed to cure cancer, the answer is, of course not.....unless they are selling ads to others claiming they cured cancer. 

Curing cancer is a scientific fact. It would exist or not exist based on authentic, scientific, well defined proof unlike an ad that is a political opinion or position.

This is not the case with Trump's ads from the way it looks but I will need to see them to know for sure. They were political and  based on opinions. CNN did not like the opinions and, the way it looks is that CNN was using a biased justification to censor President Trump  from running ads on their station that only applies to him because they hate him and are doing everything in their power to defeat him.

I will look into it more to confirm this.

By metmike - Oct. 7, 2020, 12:41 a.m.
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After looking more into it and seeing what the ads were from Trump that they refused to run, one that they claimed this about: 

"The Trump ads were recently posted online as part of what the campaign said was a multimillion-dollar advertising buy on national cable stations and digital platforms. One, “Biden Corruption,” repeats unsubstantiated allegations about former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s activities in Ukraine.

“Joe Biden promised Ukraine $1 billion if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son’s company,” a narrator intones over grainy footage of Mr. Biden, a leading Democratic presidential candidate. After referring to Democrats in general, the narrator adds, “And their media lap dogs fall in line,” as clips are shown of the CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo and the network’s chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta. The MSNBC host Rachel Maddow appears as well.

No evidence has surfaced that Mr. Biden intentionally tried to help his son Hunter Biden by pushing for the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin."

metmike: This is not true at all by CNN. There is evidence but they don't want to acknowledge it for political they were denying Trumps ads because they disagreed with what he had to say politically in order to protect Biden and deny Trump his opinion/evidence. 

It's crystal clear there was solid evidence of this:


                no longer any question.. Biden cover-up in the Ukraine.            

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                Started by GunterK - May 24, 2020, 4:48 pm.

As I have stated dozens of times here in recent years. "Hate is blind".

Those that hate President Trump are completely unable to see anything objectively when the topic is Trump. Everything that he does is bad. Everything that he says is a lie.

If Trump has a dispute with somebody or somebody gets attacked by Trump, that somebody suddenly gets elevated to be an infallible person, with impeccable traits that they acquired, solely from being a Trump nemesis.

All the bad things that Biden did, regarding his corrupt relationship with Ukraine entities do not exist anymore............because Trump opposes Biden........meaning that never Trumpers see Biden as being incapable of ever doing wrong now.

By metmike - Oct. 7, 2020, 1:08 a.m.
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"The guy lies constantly."

metmike: This is true, Trump does lie more than any other president in a wide margin but some of us can tell the difference between a lie and the truth and sometimes, he is spot on. 

"Amazingly, the Trump cult continues to believe him.  Fascinating...

Go ahead Mike.  Call me a troll.  Then call my post absurd."

metmike: Since I think that you and I are having a conversation here joj, that means that you are saying that I am part of "the Trump cult"

As a scientist, I try to always have facts, science, links/sources, data and evidence to support my points.

People in cults, by definition believe things that cannot be proven but instead, use blind faith to believe. This is the total, polar opposite of who I am and you must know that. 

If you are bothered by somebody referring to a statement(s) that you make as being absurd then maybe you should avoid making  accusations of a person that tries to follow the scientific method in their thinking as being somebody  who displays cult like behavior.

I have stated numerous times that I like you and encourage you to post your thoughts in a respectful way here but if you want to be a troll and dish out insults.......that will turn into me, instead just trying to tolerate your attempts to disrupt a place that from all appearances based on most of your posts.... you don’t like because people there don’t hate President Trump. 

By TimNew - Oct. 7, 2020, 4:20 a.m.
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The bottom line.    CNN can refuse any ads anytime it wants.   Its a private company. 

If they are using different criteria for different candidates,   they forfeit any claim to ethical standards,  but I think we all, including CNN, know that ship sailed long ago.

By metmike - Oct. 7, 2020, 5:41 a.m.
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This is exactly right Tim. Their first amendment rights allow them to broadcast anything they want on their station, just like any other private firm.

In thinking about it more and what the belief system is at this blatantly biased entity, this behavior is just consistent with who they are.

It defines them.

Anti President Trump to a point of it obliterating the objective, honest, professional journalism in the products that are broadcast at their station.

They have turned into a pure propaganda producing entity when it comes to politics.....especially about Trump.

Sad, considering that a couple of decades ago, they were considered the world leader and most trusted news source.

Hate will do this to people as individuals and it will do this to entire entities run by people driven by hate.

Ironically, hate always hurts the hater.

In this case, they are conducting a very successful campaign of spreading the hate because they are powerful gatekeepers of information that people use to form their opinions, so this is an example of hate reaping rewards when applied under unique circumstances.

But generally speaking, individuals with neurotic hatred in their hearts and thoughts are damaged as human beings in many ways.

By metmike - Oct. 7, 2020, 12:03 p.m.
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Related to this:

CNN sends Trump campaign cease-and-desist letter for misleading ad 

"According to McMurtry's letter, CNN contacted the Trump campaign's ad agency, Harris Sikes Media, to demand the ad "be edited to remove or correct the misuse." 

"CNN was willing to accept the advertisement if the misuse had been corrected. Despite this notice, you refused to correct the advertisement and knowingly proceeded with distributing the advertisement as is with the misleading claim," McMurtry wrote.

In Murtaugh's response on Monday evening, he said CNN is "once again the only outlet to reject a Trump campaign ad, and has now rejected multiple Trump ads that are demonstrably accurate." He called the network "effectively a Joe Biden Super PAC," yet another signal that anti-media rhetoric is a major part of Trump's re-election strategy.

Trump's ad makers have repeatedly used CNN footage, despite the President's frequent broadsides against the network."


This was a great topic that you brought up......thanks.