Democratic party past and present
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 9, 2020, 6:44 p.m.

Dems where known as tax and spend

Today they are known as riot and destroy

By metmike - Oct. 10, 2020, 11:17 a.m.
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I think that extreme part of the party represents a small, albeit growing minority.

We are having a cultural revolution and the ones that want the most change are almost all on the left. 

Some of the changes are good(hold police accountable for brutality and profiling) but sadly, they are "throwing the baby out with the bathwater"

They are taking some flaws in a wonderful economic and non racist social and political system based on democracy, equal rights and justice for all, that has eliminated 90% of the real pollution and mis charaterizing it as the complete opposite, including that we are destroying the planet with the current system...... in order for them to justify their new culture, which features socialism in the end.

I am actually for socialized medicine, so don't get me wrong about where I come from in being objective here. I am strongly for an increase in humanitarian assistance.

I think the vast, vast majority believe strongly that what they are doing is the right thing as much as those on the other side see how wonderful the current system really is.

When it comes to politics, people on opposite sides, especially today will never agree.

However, politics has hijacked climate science for their cause here. That's when/where this atmospheric scientist has jumped in head first to prove it as a bogus ruse and NOT based at all on the authentic science.

I don't care how altruistic your cause is(to save a planet that is greening up from the increase in CO2 which is a fraud) (to transfer the worlds wealth and help the poor and have sustainable development-which is legit) when you blatantly lie and create a hoax(climate crisis) to accomplish it to trick people to support your cause, then you are the enemy of the people............who have a right to the truth in order to exercise their free will to make choices and use THEIR judgment, not YOURS. 

If I have the best charity on the planet to help less fortunate people that deserve assistance because they are human beings and its the right thing to do, that does not give me the right to steal money from rich people to get them assistance. 

They are stealing, not just money from the rich countries, using a climate accord that will do ZERO for the planet but even something worse than that....... they are stealing knowledge, education, intelligence and understanding from peoples minds by brainwashing them with propaganda that makes them dumber about climate science and related fields of science to accomplish their agenda.

What do people cherish the most?

1. Their money/wealth?

2. Their knowledge/ability to think and know the truth?

Maybe some would pick #1 but for me, especially viewing the world thru the eyes of my 95 year old dad that I am with this week(who is fighting as hard as possible to keep his brain functioning and cherishing every moment that it does and a billion dollars with all the riches on the planet won't make a difference)  #2 is the easy choice.

There's an old expression "Ignorance is bliss"

It applies to situations in which a person, not knowing something bad does not have to worry about it.

But the fake climate crisis is the complete, polar opposite. 

It manufactures a non problem, that does not exist for people to worry about and intentionally makes them ignorant at the same time.

So, in this case, ignorance creates anxiety and makes you dumb at the same time..........but it accomplishes the political agenda of the gate keepers that have taken on the role of making decisions for us, of what's best for mankind.