trying to understand our Vice President-Elect
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Started by GunterK - Nov. 12, 2020, 12:19 p.m.

Since Kamala Harris is first in line to become POTUS, should something happen to Joe Biden, I thought it would be important to know a little bit more about her.

She started her career as a Prosecutor in California, then became District Attorney, and later on Attorney General.

I heard that the African American community in California is not very fond of her, since she put more black men into prison than any of her predecessors. (of course, she only applied the harsh laws of her time… she did not write them)

This makes her a “law and order” person. She would fit right in with Trump’s team.

But then came a shocking event…

The BLM movement, which once was a cry for racial justice, had deteriorated into a movement of never-ending rioting, looting and anarchy.

Many of the looters have since been arrested… but then came K. Harris’ shocking reaction…. She helped raise large sums of money to provide bail for the arrested criminals (or should I say “suspects”). This is not what I expected from a “law and order’ person.

Then came another strange event…. As part of her campaign ads, she featured a cartoon that, as some experts said, would have made Karl Marx proud. After some negative reactions, the cartoon was removed.

This is puzzling…

I then further looked into her background. Her mother is an immigrant from India, her father is of mixed race, an immigrant from Jamaica. Both of them highly educated people.

Her rather, Donald Harris, now retired, was a professor at Stanford University. He is a Scholar of Marxism.

Aha…. Now some of the dots are connecting…

I assume that, as a loving father, Donald Harris would thoroughly educate his baby girl in his favorite ideology… Marxism.

Now I can understand why this strange cartoon was published. It reflects what her heart says.

Now I can also understand why she sympathized with the anarchists. We must not forget that the 3 founding members of the BLM movement are “intensively trained in Marxism”, as they themselves said. Their website stated that their goal (in addition to racial justice) is to promote Marxism and to dismantle the western civilization and family structure (some of these statements have recently been removed from their website)

Now the dots connect, IMHO

Marxism… BLM… riots… Kamala… Donald Harris… Marxism

PS: all info above can easily be verified on the internet. No links needed

Feel free to criticize my comments… I am eager to be corrected.

By joj - Nov. 12, 2020, 5:30 p.m.
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As patently absurd as your bogus Pelosi quote.

Didn't you guys try the same thing on Obama.  He met with a professor who, in his youth, was in a radical organization.  How'd that one work out?

By metmike - Nov. 12, 2020, 7:35 p.m.
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It's always fun learning new things by researching topics brought up here.

I'm not taking an opinion on this one but just offering some links....not to support my opinion but just to provide information. 

Kamala Harris, after age 7 was mainly raised by her mom but did visit/stay with her dad during the Summer.

I have no idea how much influence he had on her but for sure, she insists her mom was her main role model. So we might look at her mom if you want to know what parent had the biggest impact.

Regardless, I don't know of too many politicians, that we scrutinize their parents too much in deciding how to judge them.

Best to judge them based on them, not what their parents were like raising them 40 years ago. 

But you are correct, her dad was considered a Marxist by many people. I looked at some of his books, theories and papers. He was brilliant. Clearly a genius.


On BLM, I personally think that the movement has been hijacked by Marxists. Even my black son in law thinks it's been hijacked. However, the majority of people that support BLM are sincere about the cause and not Marxists. This is just one opinion from a left leaning source:

Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?

By mcfarm - Nov. 12, 2020, 7:54 p.m.
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joj, "how did that one work out"///well my dear fellow we are still digging out of the entire fiasco of a commy/socialist regime during the 8 years of Obama and we have paid a major price for his juvenile silliness of using junior thinkers such as john Kerry and co in our foreign affairs to old tired Clinton aids in domestic after about 3 more Trump like terms and the final draining of the swamp Obama created at the CIA, FBI,  SEC of States office and other places we will let you know.

By metmike - Nov. 12, 2020, 8 p.m.
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On this, I will give an opinion as an authority.

The fake climate crisis is based on a new economic model of global socialism/Marxism.

No question in my mind. The Climate Accord will do nothing to the climate but will profoundly change our world as it transfers wealth from the rich to the poor countries. 

This is why China, the world's #1 CO2 emitter by double the amount of  the #2 emitter, USA doesn't have to cut emissions(can destroy the planet) and gets money.

Only  rich countries have to cut CO2 emissions and donate money. 

Poor countries, no matter how big their CO2 emissions........can increase CO2 emissions(which are well mixed in the global atmosphere) and they all get money(supposedly because the rich countries wrecked their climate....for them to use to adapt....ha, ha)

Cuts and money are not based on emissions, they are based on how rich/poor a country is.

That would be like the EPA, in the US, when they passed the Clean Air and Clear Water Acts that cleaned up REAL pollution in this country almost 5 decades ago, making strict pollution laws/regulations that only the richest companies had to follow.

And at the same time, the companies making the least(poorest) did not have to cut 1 iota of pollution, in fact could increase it with impunity.

And to top things off, the EPA would have imposed huge proactive fines on all the rich companies for decades of  past be paid directly to the poor polluters because  their air and water was polluted by the rich polluters............even as the poor polluters ramped up their pollution and caused MORE pollution for everybody.

The Green New/Biden deal is based on this. The US signs back up in the bogus Climate Accord. We severely cut our use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and give tens of billions of dollars to the Green Climate Fund established by the United Nations(Obama already pledged a couple billion). That money goes to China and other countries the UN has decided needs it more than us to spread the wealth........and China can increase CO2 the amount of GLOBAL CO2 still goes higher and the US gets screwed royal, so that China and India's poor people can have a standard of living that matches closer to the US.

This is not speculation. 

By metmike - Nov. 12, 2020, 8:13 p.m.
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What the "Climate Crisis" is really all about:   Greta Thunberg is a Marxist. Climate religion(fake climate emergency) and the propaganda is all about converting us to global socialism.  December 2019           

This is what Biden/Harris will be signing us up for the day he starts, according to him.

Biden insists that he will lead the way. 

If I'm still around, I will continue to post facts about authentic science to show the fraud in our little world here at MarketForum.

Actually, I have a radio station that likes to interview me and starting later this month a new tv show(from ND)  that wants me on as a regular guest(conservative obviously because the MSM has censored people like me and our message of climate truth/reality).

See if you can find any facts that are not correct in these 3+ dozen threads below.

I don't say that to brag but instead, I want you to help me, in case I have things wrong, so I can adjust/fix them. 

It's called "The Scientific Method" objectively and seriously evaluate many reasons for why you might be wrong(give them as much weight as reasons for why your work shows that you are right)

Then, only after they don't show that you are wrong............can you have high confidence that you are right. 

And even then, the science in a realm like this is NEVER completely settled.

The minute you decide that it's settled and that you know everything that there is to the minute you stop learning new things.

Climate Reality discussions

By mcfarm - Nov. 12, 2020, 10 p.m.
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you want to understand Harris...well just get a look at the 2nd auto biography by Obama....he hates America. He killed the middle class, he crated more racial division than Trump ever could hope to on his worst day and now the smartest guy in the world {according to him} comes and does what? Call us all racists. What a piece of work the guy is only to be topped by his wife.

By TimNew - Nov. 13, 2020, 3:39 a.m.
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There was plenty of Marxist influence in Obama's life(starting wth his parents)  and plenty of questionable associations including  Jerimiah "God Damn Americe" Wright. Oddly,  Obama claimed to have never heard such words after he threw Wright under the bus. "It was for the good of the party comrade". And although Obama has, by far, been the most politically active former president in this nations history, this is digression.

That Kamala Harris is among the most leftist of senators is of little question.  Her recent statement,  essentially saying ..  We don't all start out in the same place, but we all need to end up in the same place..   Tells you all you neeed to know. 

The guy who drops out of highschool and has a crappy work ethic should enjoy the same lifestyle as the guy who spent 20 years in school to become a medical specialist?

As I've said,  you either support equal opportunity or you support equal outcome.  Kamala has made her position quite clear.

The dem party has drifted to socialism,  but can't openly use that word yet, too much.  We still have a vast segment of our malleable electorate in training.   

By cutworm - Nov. 13, 2020, 7:16 a.m.
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The problem with equal outcome is that compared to equal opportunity EVERYONE has a lesser outcome, especially the poor 

By TimNew - Nov. 13, 2020, 7:53 a.m.
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Well, except for the ruling class.  But then, they are more "equal" than everyone else.

As I've said,  it appears the left thinks it's better for the populace to be fighting over too little bread than for the majority  of the population to have too much bread