Trump about to speak
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Started by metmike - Nov. 13, 2020, 4:15 p.m.

My dream would be for him to concede that he lost.

This dream will not come true (-:

By metmike - Nov. 13, 2020, 5:07 p.m.
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The discussion was only about COVID

Trump says COVID-19 vaccine won’t be provided to New York until Cuomo approves it

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Friday celebrated the recent breakthrough of a successful coronavirus vaccine — but said the people of New York wouldn’t receive it until Gov. Andrew Cuomo got out of the way.

In a Rose Garden address on Friday, the commander-in-chief said they would distribute a COVID-19 vaccine across the United States but would not send it to the hard-hit Empire State because Cuomo doesn’t trust it.

“He wants to take his time with a vaccine. He doesn’t trust where the vaccine’s coming from. These are coming form the greatest companies anywhere in the world, the greatest labs in the world, but he doesn’t trust the fact that it’s this White House, this administration,” he said.

“So we won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization to do so. That pains me to say that. This is a very successful amazing vaccine at 90 percent and more,” Trump added.

Cuomo has repeatedly made disparaging remarks about the vaccine, claiming it had been “politicized” under Trump and claimed it would need to undergo a second review by his administration, citing his distrust of the president.

But on Wednesday The Post revealed that Cuomo had skipped out on 17 governors-only meetings about the vaccine and spurned a one-on-one meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary, Alex Azar.

Trump applauded all of the people involved in Operation Warp Speed, his administration’s private-public partnership to accelerate the development and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

“No medical breakthrough of this scope and magnitude has ever been achieved this rapidly, this quickly, and we’re very proud of it,” Trump said in his first address to the nation since the race was called for Joe Biden on Saturday.

On Monday, German biotech company Pfizer announced that their vaccine was more than 90 percent effective, a major development in the global fight against the disease.

“This far exceeds any and all expectations,” Trump said, vowing the vaccine would be “free of charge” to the American people.

It will be approved very very quickly, I hope,” he added, saying the therapy would be Gus Perna, the Army general in charge of Operation Warp Speed, said on Sunday that the federal government will begin to distribute a coronavirus vaccine within 24 hours once one is approved.

Trump said the therapy would be distributed first to frontline workers, the elderly and high risk Americans and announced three other vaccine candidates were in the final stages of trial.

The Rose Garden address was also Trump’s first on-camera remarks in a week after he gave a free-wheeling address in the White House briefing room in which he claimed his opponents were trying to “steal” the election from him.

He laid a wreath along with First Lady Melania on Veterans Day Wednesday at Arlington National Cemetery but did not speak.

Lawyers for the president’s re-election campaign have filed lawsuits in several states where they are challenging the vote count and maintain that Trump will win.

As of Friday afternoon, Biden leads Trump in the Electoral College, 306-232, after several networks projected that he would win the state of Georgia — the first Democratic president to do so since Bill Clinton in 1992.

In a statement released just minutes before Trump began speaking, Biden said a robust and immediate response from the federal government had been “woefully lacking” as the US experiences a record number of new daily infections.

“Today, I renew my call for every American, regardless of where they live or who they voted for, to step up and do their part on social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing to protect themselves and to protect others,” Biden said.

The US recorded more than 150,000 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, the highest number since the virus first took hold nine months ago."

By metmike - Nov. 13, 2020, 7:27 p.m.
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The best news was that President Trump is no longer claiming victory.

He said about the next administration that “time will tell” acknowledging that Biden might be the winner after his legal options to challenge are exhausted.

As somebody that tries to interpret “Trumpese” or Trump speak” I will guess that he might still think that he won but he might actually think that Biden has won but for sure he is in the process of accepting it.

This is a huge departure from the last time that we heard him speak about it and it’s in the right direction.

Last time, several days ago, he was still insisting that he won.

Not sure what legal options are still out there.

GA will do a hand recount. Recounts almost never change the outcome, so this is unlikely.

There are tons of voter fraud cases but they don’t come even close to adding up to anything but a very tiny fraction of votes that he would need.

Even if he got GA, which won’t happen, he would need 2 more states and there is a near 0% chance of that happening.

By wglassfo - Nov. 14, 2020, 4:48 p.m.
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You claim the voter fraud does not amount to enough to swing the PA or other swing state election count

There are numerous examples of people who have come forth and reported ballot dumps that defy logic, most in favour of Biden

The favourite tactic is to wait and see how many votes for Trump and then dump enough Biden votes to swing the vote in Biden favour. Especially when nobody is allowed to watch the ballot count and verify. Many think that is how chicago swung the election for JFK, so this possibility is not anything new.

You may be correct, but ample evidence suggests you may be wrong

This doesn't mean much to me, in fact Biden may be a better choice for Canada, but one can't ignore the continuous evidence

Proof in a court of law may be rather difficult, as many  Dem state legislatures have got this voter fraud to a degree of extreme sophistication

Numbers and polls now suggest less than 1/2 believe Biden won fair and square

I would think it would be hard to govern with out a majority of the people who believe the presidency was legit. Last time the left believed Trump stole the election and look what happened

So now another 4 yrs of a stolen election, no matter who wins

When will your country develop a process that people of all parties can believe

We may not count for much in the eyes of many people of the USA but we like our medical system and we believe in the integrity of our election process

A couple of major things you people spend much wasted effort, debating the pros and cons when we have a system that doesn't raise very much disagreement. Not everybody in Canada will agree, but we agree by a very large majority

And to think you thought you should send Carter around the world to ensure fair elections

I doubt you will ever fix your medical problem, at least so every body is happy, as it seems those with group plans or employee paid or mostly paid don't want change and much more to this problem, for those who pay 2 k/month premiums. Enough said from me

But it should be possible to fix your voting process if people want it fixed. I don't know if people want it fixed

By metmike - Nov. 14, 2020, 5:15 p.m.
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I am glad to have you express your views here so that you can also get facts.

There is NO evidence of computer fraud. I can't show you the evidence that there was no computer fraud because if there was no computer fraud, then there is no evidence.

There was a computer glitch of a huge number of votes that all went to BIden and none to Trump in one dump in one state that we are told is the evidence.

If you were trying to sneak votes for your guy and take away the opponents, you wouldn't do 20,000 at a time. That's pretty noticeable.  In fact, that would totally give you away and be exactly how you would NOT do it.

With regards to Biden overtaking Trump well after the polls were closed(the following days). Those are all HAND COUNTED votes. No computers. So they would have had to also have widespread control of many of the vote counters in all those states. I know that you believe this. So show us the evidence. I looked pretty closely and could not find the evidence that came close to even coming close to enough voter fraud to change the results of the election. 

Here is a thread(s) that shows you what I did find:

                Poll - Who won the Election?            

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                Started by joj - Nov. 11, 2020, 4:21 p.m.   

                353 counties in 29 states with voter registration over 100%            

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                                            Started by metmike - Nov. 9, 2020, 6:35 p.m.    

The reason those mail in votes were lopsided for Biden is that Trump told his supporters to vote in person. Biden told his supporters to vote in person and by mail. 

The big disparity was likely NOT because of something nefarious. Just a guess on my part but the amount of voter fraud would have had to be at least 20 times greater than what the evidence shows happened.

I think that its good to have recounts to assure people that the initial count was not blatantly doctored.

My advice is to accept the tough loss for what the reality suggests...............Trump had too many enemies working full time to obliterate him and his massive character flaws made that easy for them. Despite agenda and policies being the most important part of running the country, elections are often a popularity contest.

Trump shot himself in the foot with his mean behavior and vindictiveness aimed at his enemies, like he did yesterday with the governor of NY. Telling us all that every state will get the COVID vaccine ASAP............but not NY because Cuomo made some very hateful, uncalled for political statements about him and the vaccine.

That  sort of behavior on a routine basis was his demise.

Any other personality, other than Trump's(his own) from our president the last 4 years and he would have won by a landslide. Presidential elections are personality contests, whether we like it or not.

Many dems blamed Russia for influencing the results of the 2016 election, rather than accepting President Trump as the president. Even them hacking our computers.

This was as absurd as it is this time for the other side's belief that voter fraud flipped it to Biden.

I am not a Biden fan and especially not his policies, other than health care, so when I look at the data/facts, I am looking, scrutinizing them as a scientist, trying to see how it might have been possible to commit enough voter fraud to flip the election.

Cognitive bias is something everybody has. It's cognitive bias on steroids and speed and mind altering drugs when it comes to politics, so rational thinking and facts often make no sense.

By GunterK - Nov. 14, 2020, 5:56 p.m.
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According to the article below, leading Democrats have questioned the safety of the Dominion Voting software already in 2018. Apparently the software can easily be influenced by outside entities.

I know you question the validity of articles appearing in infowars. com. Yet, I find the link below interesting reading. This attorney claims .....

"...Claiming Dominion Voting Systems, one of the largest makers of voting machines for the US, “was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for [socialist leader] Hugo Chavez,” Powell argued that the system – which she said was funded by Cuba and China as well as Caracas – is little more than an election-fixing operation.

Don't know if this is true.... but then.... comparing this statement with all the lies coming from the MSM, we should keep an open mind.

And I did see on that CNN replay video how some 20,000 votes were subracted from Trump and added to Biden.

By metmike - Nov. 14, 2020, 10:11 p.m.
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Normally, if I take a position on something related to science, facts or numbers,I try to show the statistics or some graphs with numbers to indisputably prove my point.

I can’t do that here.

You cant prove that not enough voter fraud happened here that way. 

The proof, can only come from THE ABSENCE of evidence that there was enough fraud to flip the election. 

This means that one side MUST show that proof ......of major election affecting fraud.....or THE OPPOSITE is true.

I have heard all sorts of claims that there is proof like that for over a week now, like from this latest source of yours.

I have been looking for it too on my own with an objective search......see the links above.

If these sources had the proof, they sure as heck would be showing it, not promising it. Since they don’t have it 11 days after the election, where will it come from?

No proof of massive election fraud that could have flipped the election to Biden is proof that it did not happen in this  case.

Not voter fraud that we know happened that would need to be 20 times greater.

Not words saying it happened or speculation or cases that might add up to several hundred votes. We need tens of thousands of votes in at least 3 states.

Under what scenario will you accept that Biden won?