3 ring circus
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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 9, 2021, 11:16 a.m.

So we have FB and twitter censorship of anything they don't like

Dems crawling all over each other trying to out do each other for face time on TV. Even calling Cruz a Nazi to get top billing in the race for TV face time

Pub reps being hectored for not standing up for voters who thought they had a voice. Example Lindsay Graham at the air port being screamed at, called a traitor

25th amendment and now impeachment, with days left in office. As if that will happen, but again good PR

Florida might become rather crowded with those who can choose where to live considering Florida has no income tax and Biden tax increases

Somebody even thought up the idea the tax payer will have to pay for all the broken windows, doors etc. What a joke. Since when has the tax payer paid anything toward gov't expense. Has this joker looked at the deficit and thought the tax payer pays for the deficit. The dollar will lose value before any more substantial tax payer money

Pelosi knows good and well given her position that there is a process before you use the nuclear codes but nothing is too much, when you want to pile on

IMHO Biden would be the greater danger if all you had to do is push the button. He might get mixed up looking for the nite lite switch

What a 3 ring circus

By metmike - Jan. 9, 2021, 1:29 p.m.
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Thanks Wayne,

Trump fans ditch Twitter en masse after president’s suspension


Trump superfans are heading for the exits. 

 Just hours after President Trump was permanently banned from Twitter, his diehards on the platform vowed they would move on as well.

 “Goodbye Twitter” trended during the early morning hours Saturday as people continued to come to grips with the leader of the free world being deplatformed.

 “Goodbye Twitter friends. See you @parler,” said one user, citing a more pro free speech social media alternative to Twitter that is popular with conservatives. 


“I’m a small MAGA account and I have lost 400 followers in 3 days. Goodbye Twitter. You don’t want me, I don’t want you. I’m at Parler @snakeoil. I hope PATRIOTS will come join me! Flag of United States.” said another unhappy user

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Trump permanently suspended from Twitter after Capitol siege

      Moments after Trump was dumped, the website for Parler crashed, likely as a result of a crush of new users overwhelming their servers. The outage lasted less than an hour. Even before recent tumult, Parler had become a popular spot for conservatives, with more than 2 million daily active users in October, according to CNN

 Multiple high profile conservative-leaning and pro-Trump accounts have reported sudden and unexplained drops in follower count.  

 “Now, down nearly 29,000. I think about 1500 of that came slowly between election and early January, when I was writing that results showed Biden victory and Trump legal options narrowing, then finished. Angered some followers. But big, precipitous drop has come in recent hours,” said conservative columnist Byron York.

 Ryan Fournier, founder of Students for Trump, said he was off by 60,000 over a three day period.  

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 “Trump supporters really trended “goodbye twitter”?? as if we cared, god they’re so embarassing [sic],” said one.

 In a statement, Twitter confirmed they are also purging accounts without verified ID information, which is likely adding to the exit count. 

 “As part of our work to protect the integrity of the conversation on Twitter, we regularly challenge accounts to confirm account details such as email and phone number. Until the accounts confirm additional account information, they are in a locked state and do not count towards follower counts,” a spokesperson told The Post.

metmike: This could totally backfire and make things even more divisive. All the libs goes to Twitter and exchange liberal views.............all the conservatives go the Parler and exchange far right views.

Instead of a melting pot of ideas/people on Twitter, you split it up into 2 distinct echo chambers that feature liked minded people that feed off of each other and amplify their tunnel vision views.

Seriously, this is going to happen but to what extent?