Student Debt
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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 9, 2021, 3:11 p.m.

Would you be in favour of cancellation of all student debt

Given that BK does not include student debt, there is no escape from this debt

Given that  universities and colleges used tuition fees as a cash cow to increase or enlargement of facilities, new classes and higher pay scale for professors

I would be in favour if  schools of higher learning would accept only on the basis of merit. The bar of merit would include some reasonable chance of entering the work force. Basket weaving is not an option for free entry  and free cost

No matter what the past number of yrs. experience, students were for the most part were encouraged to borrow and should not be penalized for following the advice of their elders be it the school or parents

However, if the entry was based on merit then we should all have an equal chance at higher education

Forget racial bias or any bias, we want brilliant students or at least set the bar for entry, so we accept the best given the class room space, dormitory etc. available

I would not even consider football or other sports as an excuse for free expenses. Let the alumni pay for foot ball if that be the situation. Most of them are at a level of public school learning so one may have to make room for those who deserve a place, considering their goal is a huge contract going pro. No matter we accept the best for the end product of entering the work force, be it sports  or outer space. But alumni should help the sports program

Would you consider a NASCAR driver as eligible for free university education on a scholarship grant, or  if the person can bring a sponsor, then allow the person an opportunity to learn. Ryan Newman is a qualified engineer but drives a stock car for a living and contributes his knowledge to the team.

Merit only with a road to finding employment with no racial quotas

2+2=4 and a basic understanding of some thing of merit to gain entry and find a spot in the work force.

America has been a nation of innovators. Let's not hinder that innovation as we need the best we can find.

That is our biggest advantage over china. China has to copy and steal as their free thinkers are heavily  regulated thus individual innovation is considered a threat to the power of the CCP f the CCP does not understand the innovation. An example is the chinese person who tried to warn about the danger of covid in china. This might have been considered a threat to the CCP  power structure

In america innovation is our biggest asset


My son, a qualified engineer and a MBA is working on a project that was considered the domain of cheap labour.  However, with AI and some thinking he can compete in a huge market. He does not look for buyers as word of mouth gives him more work than he is able to handle. This is an on going project, which will grow over time, until labour will not be a line item expense of any consequence

China can not compete with him on cost or reliability Yes he has a way to go but innovation is the key to competing with any low labour cost of production. China fails badly at innovation

So let's give our students the best we can. Yes there will be problems but that is our job to sort this kind of thing out for ourselves

By metmike - Jan. 9, 2021, 8:25 p.m.
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