Video message from Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Started by WxFollower - Jan. 10, 2021, 4:47 p.m.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose father was a Nazi soldier, talks about the impact lies can have on a nation and its people. The former California governor goes on to pledge his support for President-elect Joe Biden as he seeks to unify the nation."

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger: "President Trump is a Failed Leader" - YouTube


My thoughts:

 Beautiful message from "Ahnold." The huge challenge in his or any similar message sinking in with Trumpers is getting them to finally see the light that the baseless widespread election fraud claim is a lie.

 Remember the Trump lie about Obama not being born in the US? He duped many people (aka, birthers) then, too, only to later be proven a liar. It wouldn't surprise me if many of them here still believe that lie, too.

 Hypothetically, we could have a repeat election vote several times with the 150 or so million votes hand-counted individually on national TV on all channels and with observers on both sides watching every single vote with Biden winning every time by the same margin and most of the Trumpers still never being convinced as long as Trump wouldn't concede. They're believing everything this "used car salesman" of a Pres says, which is now proving to be extremely dangerous.


 I believe that The future of our country's freedom/democratic republic status  as well as internal stability is in danger now thanks to this one sick man. Regarding anyone still in support of Trump after what he's done since the election and especially with what he did last week, you can still make a difference by finally seeing the light. I don't care if you liked most or all of his policies. I even liked some of them. But what he's done since the election far outweighs that.

 Even though I wasn't a Trump supporter, I even criticized CNN for being too one sided anti-Trump even thought Trump asked for most of it. That's history as I'm now lockstep in agreement with them. Trump's rhetoric is a major danger. It already directly incited what happened last week, including a direct threat to Pence's life. He had been a very loyal VP to Trump til then! The mob inspired by Trump wanted to capture him and hang him thanks directly to Trump's words. In the year 2021!!! Let that sink in. If he keeps this up, it is likely going to incite more of the same. There has NEVER been a POTUS to do anything like this before.

 You Trump supporters can still make a difference here in loudly speaking out against what he's doing now.  

 Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

 As I've been saying here for a long time over and over, it isn't just that Trump's a meanie. I've been repeatedly been accused of opposing Trump due merely to hatred of him because of his being a jerk. In response, I've said that it is a lot more than his being a "meanie". It is that he's dangerous!

 Listen carefully to what Arnold says here. Keep in mind that his own father was a Nazi soldier. Naziism and the accompanying genocide were based on lies in combination with an evil leader. Never forget!

By joj - Jan. 10, 2021, 6:35 p.m.
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Good video WxFollower and a good post.  I know that you are no flaming liberal so your view carries weight.

I ponder the events from the Election Day to present and I sort of felt like I took for granted that "it will all work itself out", which it did.  But it didn't have to.  What if it was just one state that would have tipped the result?  What if that state had a corrupt AG and/or a corrupt judge?  

I guess the thing that most reassured me is the steadfastness of dozens of judges appointed by Republican presidents who upheld the law.   

But in another scenario, perhaps our democracy is no more guaranteed than our prospects of living to see the next sunrise.

By metmike - Jan. 10, 2021, 8:23 p.m.
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Wonderful message.

In the same vein, ive been comparing the lack of confidence in the election results last November to people’s fear of flying after the 9-11 attacks via hijacked airplanes.

People were petrified to fly after the attack because they were convinced the evil terrorists would continue to strike.....but the complete opposite was true.

It became the safest time in history to fly because of the massive protective safeguards imposed on every element of flying. 

After this election a huge number of people no longer trust the results of elections .....but the safeguards and dozens of investigations that came up empty and hand recounts that confirmed the machines proved the complete opposite of this.

All the legit evidence proved that we can trust this and other elections more than ever.

If you are a republican that continues to be baffled by the differences in opinion in the election results.

The  offer remains the same. 

We openly encourage you to continue to post what your sources are stating. 

However, along the way these past 2 months, when your election fraud sources have been consistently busted one after the other and we still have  ZERO evidence of the election being stolen or even major fraud, I’d like to think of you all as having at least learned a few things about the credibility of some of your sources.

This is not saying the left and MSM have it correct(they are biased and wrong alot)......just that it’s easy to see when others are biased but  almost impossible to see it in our favorite sources because they mimic and amplify our own bias.....this is why we tune into them.

Libs don’t watch FOX for their news and the right doesn’t get their news from CNN.

Both are wrong sometimes and both are right sometimes.

If you watch just one of them or sources like them, then you also will be wrong and right when they are and often not know the difference because they and you think that you are right ALL the time.

Be humble in life and practice the scientific method......always try to prove yourself wrong or invite others to do it.

If you or them can’t do it, that’s when you know that you must be right!