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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 10, 2021, 6:19 p.m.

I don't know if I have the name spelled correctly but any way

If you have some spare time do a goggle on this man

You will find some disturbing accusations with no evidence other than coincidence, which usually doesn't just happen

Others claim he has made false statements before and this is just a repeat of false claims of corruption or some thing else which even the general claims to not fully understand. In my opinion when the media pile on and make a claim of false news, what is the cover up they want to suppress. Especially when there is some thought that Pelosi knew the media would claim peaceful demonstrations all summer, even as bldgs burned in the back ground.

His claim is that special forces entered the capitol when everybody else did and stole Pelosi lap top

Now the general is asking why everybody is piling on Trump when he has less than 2 weeks to finish out the term. The idea that he be barred from future office doesn't hold water as he may be barred but  certainly could influence the 2022 elections and 2024 just by endorsement and his famous rallies would be an asset to anybody

He also draws attention to Trumps 1st impeachment that just sort of began when news of the covid-19 virus was leaking out to the world. He thinks the impeachment was a diversion to draw attention from the virus to give the CCP time for a cover up which failed but did buy time which the CCP desperately needed. He claims that Pelosi knew about the CCP and the virus, and sold out her country to the CCP with an effort to impeach, as diversion of media attention.

He also claims as many others have tried to prove with no evidence, the courts will accept, the election was stolen and Pelosi knows it was stolen

He claims there is a boat load of information on the lap top, some about corruption and some to win an election and some about the Biden future relations with CCP

The video I watched had very poor audio and I may not have heard correctly

His main claim is that so many things have happened that seem to be coincidental, which rarely happens

He doesn't claim to have any concrete answers other than the USA is in a great danger from people who would sell the USA for reasons unknown to most people, perhaps for reasons to simply destroy the economy and cause untold division within the country

Give it a look if you wish and I don't want to make the claim any thing in my post has any actual truth

However, one does wonder why Pelosi seems to be in a panic to impeach Trump with so few days left and McConnell saying it would be impossible in the time left

By metmike - Jan. 11, 2021, 12:31 a.m.
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"He also claims as many others have tried to prove with no evidence, the courts will accept, the election was stolen and Pelosi knows it was stolen"


At this point in time, after the election results have been solidly proven beyond any shadow of a doubt over and over and over and over and over by any reasonable standard for any source with a few objective brain cells able to use critical thinking and facts.......when I read or hear somebody still saying or claiming the election was stolen, I know they are not credible.

Trump lost by 7,000,000 votes. The biggest loss by a president, outside of McCains loss to Obama in 2008, since the 1996 win of Bill Clinton.

The popular vote was not even close. 

They did 3 hand recounts in GA and every single one of them backed up the machines............which did a wonderful job.

There was no hacking........that is completely made up.

There was not tricky computer algorithm. That was completely made up

The machines were not controlled by a corrupt foreign country..........that was made up.

All the allegations of widespread or systemic fraud that stole the election were made up.

For 60 days, I've asked posters and/or sources that made these allegations or pass on these allegations to show the evidence.

So far, none of it has been authentic.......and trust me, I looked long and hard and considered every single allegation that I could find. 

Biden whipped Trump. If somebody tells you otherwise, they are either lying, delusional, confused or gullible.

Believing that Trump won makes ZERO sense in the real world. 

By metmike - Jan. 11, 2021, 12:41 a.m.
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Obvioiusly, the election was determined by the electoral college but here is the popular vote from all the previous elections:

List of United States presidential elections by popular vote margin