CO2 and climate
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Started by metmike - Jan. 1, 2018, 7:15 p.m.


To help you out, here is the comprehensive science and data on CO2 and weather/climate change. None of his is my opinion. The data is the data. 

The only reason that I have it, is that I'm an atmospheric scientist. I am also in the supposedly 97% of all climate scientists believe in human caused global warming. I think the warming has been beneficial as some scientists do..........but they turned it into fake news...... that 97% represents us scientists that believe in catastrophic warming and a serious threat to the planet. That number is much smaller but even there, the majority of climate scientists are funded to study human caused climate change that is a problem. You don't get funded to study a non problem. 

Happy New Year and enjoy the enlightenment!

The planet is greening up from increasing CO2:

Deserts are greening up from increasing CO2:

CO2 causes plants to be more water efficient and drought tolerant:

Pick the name of the plant and look at how the (hundreds of) studies conducted for that plant show how enriching the CO2 cause it to grow much faster:

World food production continues to soar higher, not in spite of climate change and increasing CO2 but because of it:

50 trillion in agricultural productivity....just from the increasing CO2:

Latest global temperature.......  .36 deg. C above the 30 year average. Temps are increasing at around 1.3 deg per century.........not a dangerous rate, in fact most life is greatly benefiting.

Global temperatures have been warming up but not at the rate of global climate models being used for the accord that go out 100 years:

The hottest decade in the US, by a wide margin was the 1930's with a decade long drought/Dust Bowl:

The 1930's had the most extreme weather and climat out of the last century as evidenced by all the record state highs and lows:

Over 100 studies show that it was this warm or warmer during the Midieval Warm Period, 1,000 years ago:

Recent decades have featured a record for tornadoes........record lowest. They peaked in the 1970's because of global cooling:

Hurricanes and tropical storms peaked in the mid 1990's:

All the heavy rain event records occurred prior to 198:

That included the daily rainfall amount from recent hurricane Harvey:

Sea levels have NOT been accelerating higher. They have been going up at 1 inch/decade for the past 150 years:

Is melting Arctic sea ice unprecedented? We've only had sateliite pictures to accurately keep track since the late 1970's:

Was the California drought unprecendented?

Superstorm Sandy...........just like Hurricane Hazel in October 1954, during global cooling and both from an early season cold weather pattern that captured the remnants of both:

The Midwest drought of 2012?

Actually, we had set a record for longest period in history without a severe, widespread drought. 24 consequtive seasons since the drought of crop growing weather overall ever(flooding in 1993 was noteworthy but not from climate change. 

Feel free to share the authentic science/data and truth about CO2, recent weather and climate change with everybody you know. 

By metmike - Jan. 1, 2018, 10:30 p.m.
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1.  Heavy rain events and amounts are up a bit from the 4% increase in atmospheric  moisture resulting from the 1 deg C increase in global temps.

2. The global warming has been greatest in the coldest places at the coldest times of year. However heat waves have increased slightly in the middle latitudes. 

3. Some wild fires have become more intense. The increase in vegetation from faster growing plants provides more fuel for fires to feed on.

4. Sea levels should be accelerating higher but are not.....a surprise to me. Apparently the increase in evaporation from the oceans is leading to more rain over land which is increasing soil moistur and going into vegetation/plants which are growing 25% faster.

5. Theoretically, a warmer ocean can produce stronger hurricanes.......but that has not happened. There has been no trend in hurricane frequency or intensity over the past 4 decades.

The benefits of increasing CO2 and slight warming out weigh the negatives by a factor of something like 20 to 1. It makes no sense to take actions. The only place where dangerous warming is taking place is on global climate models that are programmed to simulate the weather/climate for the next 100 years based on a speculative theory.......using mathematical equations from really smart scientists that are failing to reconcile their models with observations of the actual weather and climate which I showed with the links earlier.

The climate accord science is based entirely on this speculative theory and models that are too warm.

Another item that is bogus is the claim that CO2 emissions today will remain in the atmosphere for over 100 years. This is used to make a case that we have to cut emissions now or pay the price for a century.

It's more like 5-7 years. If the planet ever did start heating up similar to climate models, we could cut emissions quickly and the results would happen fairly fast.