Hank Aaron and the Covid19 vaccine
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Started by GunterK - Feb. 20, 2021, 2:09 p.m.

Another interesting Covid vaccine story…

This one centers around the late baseball legend, Hank Aaron, who passed away, a few days ago, at age 86.

As it was later revealed, he died 18 days after receiving a Moderna Covid19 vaccine.

Quite naturally, one immediately wonders… a) his death had nothing to do with the vaccination… it’s just coincidence… or b) if he hadn’t been vaccinated, would he still be alive?

A few internet sites wondered about this (as well as other “suspicious deaths’ following Covid vaccination).

Of course, in today’s PC world, such sites are called “conspiracy theorist” sites, and our MSM immediately put up a united front, attacking such offensive comments about Hank Aaron

“…“That was a pure coincidence,” countered Dr. Louis W. Sullivan, the founding dean of the Morehouse medical school and secretary of health and human services in the George H.W. Bush administration. He told the Atlanta station WSB-TV, “It is though, if you might say, Hank was in a car before the day he died, and we try and attribute his death to being in a car.”

Fortunately, in today’s IT world, we have “fact checkers” available at our finger tips.

The NYT (Ref a), stated “… The Fulton County Coroners Office assured the public that “the Covid vaccine did not kill Hank Aaron.” and ”there was nothing to suggest that Mr. Aaron had an allergic or anaphylactic reaction related to the vaccine. “ There you have it!!! Check mate!

There is only one problem… The Fulton County Coroners Office never saw Mr. Aaron’s body

Not surprisingly, Moderna immediately defended their vaccines… basically saying that their clinical trials showed no evidence of death or serious side affects for people over 80, after clinical trials on 1000s of subjects.

Moderna is correct…. they never tested their vaccine on any subject over 80… therefore, no negative results

The very interesting article, linked as (Ref b) describes in much detail how new vaccines are tested… the pros and cons of such procedures.

In conclusion:

As far as Mr. Aaron’s death is concerned… we will never know.

Ref a)


Ref b)



By metmike - Feb. 21, 2021, 9:06 a.m.
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As far as mr. Aaron’s death, we will never know?

Speak for yourself Gunter.

Those of us using science and not phobia or conspiracy theories know that the vaccine did not kill him.

By GunterK - Feb. 21, 2021, 1:15 p.m.
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with all due respect, metmike, science, in this case, would be an autopsy that clearly determined Mr. Aaron's death. Since there was no autopsy, we will never know

By metmike - Feb. 21, 2021, 8:21 p.m.
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"As it was later revealed, he died 18 days after receiving a Moderna Covid19 vaccine."

From your first post:

"Since there was no autopsy, we will never know"


There is a minuscule chance that an allergic response can kill somebody allergic to an ingredient in the vaccine....anaphylactic shock for instance. 

But that would happen very shortly after being inoculated.

Since it's physically impossible to get COVID from the vaccine because there is no live virus in it, he did not die from COVID that he could have gotten from the vaccine. 

Many people experience adverse affects, especially after the 2nd shot from their bodies being tricked into thinking they have COVID for a day or 2.....low grade fever and flu symptoms, which causes their bodies to ramp up COVID antibodies, even though their  bodies ARE NOT SICK with COVID. This is how the vaccine works......this is a good thing.  If somebody was extremely weak and near death,  it's possible but not likely that this could push them over the edge for a couple of days after getting the COVID vaccination.

But 18 days later? There is no physical way that the vaccine caused him to die over 2 weeks later. Why would they even do an autopsy to check for something that's impossible?

1. If he died from COVID, there is a 100% chance that it did not come from the vaccine.

2. Any adverse reaction to the vaccine would be long gone 18 days later.

This would be like claiming that a person died from prostate cancer but we'll never know because they never did an autopsy. Yes we would.............if it was a woman, which made it impossible because women don't have prostate glands.

But hold on a 2nd, one might say, women have a gland similar to the prostate and a few women a year die from cancer of that gland.......and they are just covering it up.

So there was a 1 in 100 million chance that this woman died from prostate cancer and since we can't completely rule it out,  I'm going to ignore the 99,999,999 to 1 chance against it and be open minded and consider that it could have been prostate cancer.


Likewise, there could have been some unknown, extraordinary reason with similar odds for a COVID vaccine to have  killed this man 18 days later. 

From your source to believe this,  Infowars:

Therefore, a vaccine that kills one in every 21 seniors could conceivably cost the lives of 1,619,047 Americans — far more than have died from coronavirus.

metmike: What a scientifically ignorant person this is. Additionally, if I knew nothing about them, except that statement, I would consider them either extraordinary ignorant, delusional or having diabolical agenda to brainwash people/steal their intelligence....or all 3. 

By GunterK - Feb. 21, 2021, 10:30 p.m.
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Hi metmike, you are obviously not a ‘woke” person. In today’s woke world, there are many females with prostrates

All joking aside…

In my post I never claimed that Aaron died because he was vaccinated. I only tried to point out that there is no “scientific” proof to claim one way or the other.

In my linked article, a Dr. Sullivan compares Aaron’s death theories to claiming he died because he rode in a car yesterday.

I don’t understand how a man of Dr Sullivans’s standing in the medical community, can make such an analogy.

There is quite a difference in “having ridden in a car”,and having a microbial substance injected into his body… a substance that has been artificially created in a lab… a substance that is not really a vaccine… a substance that has been tested for a very short time period only… a substance that can change the human DNA, as some scientists claim …

As time goes one, we learn more and more about these mRNA “vaccines”, and quite obviously, much is not known yet, after such a short period of time.

I remember seeing a video made by Dr. Cahill (spelling?)… she stated that the real impact of these new mRNA vaccines will not be known for several months, and deaths could occur after longer periods of time than seen so far.

Aaron took the Moderna “vaccine”, which, as stats show, has a 5-times higher fatality rate than Pfizer’s “vaccine”

As stated in the linked article in my original post, Moderna has done clinical trials on some 7000 subjects, only 20 of them being over 70, and none being over 80.

In other words, Morderna has no info on how their vaccine could affect od folks.

If one reads only our MSM, one does not hear about the many people in other countries, who died after receiving their Covid vaccine, especially elderly people. Some countries have stopped giving covid vaccines to the elderly.

One can easily quote CDC statistics and talk about the “safety” of these “vaccines”. Yet, the linked article in my original post points out the real injury and fatality rate of these vaccines is considerably higher than posted by the CDC

In conclusion:

I am not saying that Hank Aaron was killed by his vaccination. I am only keeping an open mind.

Our “science” of mRNA vaccines is in its infancy. We have a long way to go, to learn all there is to know about the good and the bad of these products.

Until then, I am cautious and question everything that comes from our government.


since you spoke negatively of infowars. com, I should point out that infowars copied this article from another site.

If you'd take a closer look at infowars, you would notice that only a portion of their articles are real infowars-opinions... something that they created

A good portion of their other articles are collected from other sources... very much like drudgereport.com.

Since our MSM only shows us censored news, I find it neccessary to go to other sites, especially when I am looking for news from Europe... and infowars does give me real news from around the world, news I would never find on our MSM

By metmike - Feb. 21, 2021, 10:46 p.m.
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Thanks Gunter!

Some of my favorite posts, actually are those that disagree with me.

I can either show the data/facts/evidence to support my position or have to concede that the opposing view could be right.

I have no additional comments right now but encourage others to comment.