The gov't wants your money
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Started by wglassfo - April 1, 2021, 3:18 a.m.

Given the gov't promise not to tax anything less than 400k for two people, the gov't needs money and they are coming for your money one way or another, Until they get a bill passed, we don't know exactly what the rules may be, but you can bet the gov't wants a share of your wealth.

The recent proposed Step Act would tax your estate at death as if you sold everything and any thing over 1 million is subject to inheritance tax, no matter if your heirs estate have the money or not

There is no escaping such as trusts or anything. Given the recent explosion in house values and a modest 401k most people will pay the tax

. Your children will pay the tax which might be enough to put an end to the business as the added cost is too much

I can see a lot of estates sold, pay the taxes, bank debts etc and divide up what small amount if left for your heirs

The gov't seems to think 1 million is enough to run a business but what do they know. Did gov't ever pay business expenses and mortgage payments on a struggling business recovering from all the lock downs etc. The bank debt could easily be 50% or more of the business value.  The hard working heir must pay the bank mortgage payments, day to day expenses plus Warrens death tax

Many people will say it is impossible to make the payments after Warren takes her gov't capital gains share of the estate, 

Many farmers got a total of up to 40,833 of free money just recently. However, the gov't is planning on taking most of that money back. Yes you will use the free money until you die so maybe 40,000 of free money is good for you. Did your friend in town get 40,000 of free money???

When the gov't needs money you will be a target if you have any wealth, so enjoy the 40,000 of free money if you can, because many people were not so lucky but everybody will pay a death tax., even those who did not get 40,000 of free money.

By metmike - April 1, 2021, 8:52 p.m.
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Thanks Wayne!

I believe we are moving strongly towards socialism and these changes currently, that seem painful to guys like you......................ain't nothin compared to what's ahead.