inflation or crash
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Started by wglassfo - May 3, 2021, 9:01 a.m.

I read so many articles about inflation or a stk market crash

Buffet is sitting on billions of cash. Berkshire owns a lot of stk but her certainly isn't investing heavily  as of lately. Of coarse he could be wrong just as he was correct so many times. Everybody has a bad hair day

The Fed says this inflation will be temporary and recede once the pent up demand is spent

Buffett says his costs go up weekly and people will pay the higher prices and even wait for their purchase as all others are also on back order. Buffett says pricing has gone crazy

So what do you think

Buy stk as money becomes available

Pull back and take a defensive position on stks

By mcfarmer - May 3, 2021, 9:37 a.m.
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We may be in some new type of economic condition. 

Remember the old “Stagflation“ of years gone by ? That was never supposed to be able to happen.

Economics  is far from settled science, the more we tinker the more complex the problems seem to get.

I think we’ll come out on the other side in good shape, the wild card I feel is the virus. I hope the unvaccinated  folks don’t give this thing a reservoir to breed a more dangerous version of itself.

We need to get the rest of the world vaccinated also, send them our unused doses as fast as a plane can get them there.

By wglassfo - May 3, 2021, 3:36 p.m.
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In Canada we are far behind you folks re: vaccination

We don't have a large population and thus no facilities in Canada to produce vaccinations. Many thanks to the USA for shipping vaccinations to Canada. We refused to enter the bidding war early on and thus missed several promised shipments that went to a higher bidder. We are lining up to be vaccinated as fast as we can get product. Our hospitals are over crowded with patients and some parts of Canada are still on total lock down which is simply awful. We still have people who need the 1st jab of the needle and very few with a date for the 2nd jab. How ever we hope to get enough vaccinated  and the hospitals cleared out. Toronto had to move patients to other hospitals as over crowding was in effect. I hope to throw my mask away by Labor day but who knows. I so no reason why I should wear a mask to protect some body who decided not to take the needle. If they get sick then that should be on them

However, we do not know how fast we can get everybody vaccinated who wants the needle, so Labor Day is just a guess and hopefully the mask goes away. I can see a booster shot similar to a flue shot and I think the majority will accept such a preventative measure

Sadly Trump is not getting the credit he deserves for the warp speed he put in place and now Biden takes the credit but such is politics. I will say that at least Biden did not do anything to stop the progress Trump had made, that I know about

Bill Gates is ass greedy as anybody else. He will not allow poor countries access to the formula so that poor countries can make their own vaccination. You would think Gates has enough money he doesn't need to profit from this world problem of poor countries who can't afford to buy the vaccination. Gates isn't the best person to deal with when money is on the line, but I suppose that is capitalism.

By Richard - May 3, 2021, 5:54 p.m.
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I personally feel very sure that we are about to see a stock market crash. I had and still have a target of 1800 on S&P, possible this year. Yes, I also see inflation coming back.