Wars End Messy
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Started by joj - Aug. 28, 2021, 9:30 a.m.

Maybe not every war, but most end ugly.  This does not absolve Biden or the US military for the tragedy unfolding.  Or, the congress for ramping up red tape for getting Afghan allies processed for immigration.

At the end of WWII Czechoslovakia expelled 2 million ethnic Germans who had been living there for generations.  DP camps had 250,000 Jewish refugees for several years.  (And WW2 was "the good war").  The war between Israel and the 5 surrounding Arab states resulting in the modern day state resulted in nearly a million Arab refugees (now referred to as Palestinians) and a million Jewish refugees from Arab lands.  Vietnam ended ugly as you know.  Do a little research and you'll see many other examples.

Now clearly the ending in Afghanistan is worse than anyone expected,  

The link below was written by a US Army veteran of the Afghan war.  He predicted a "messy end" in 2019 even as he advocated Trump's bucking of all the military "experts".  His analogy was Nixon going to China.

It's a good read:


By metmike - Aug. 28, 2021, 12:30 p.m.
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Thanks much joj!

It really is a good read.  I'm convinced that there is much more to what's going on  than what many people see going on in Afghanistan. This is NOT the big blunder that most, except the far left think it is. 

I show how this exact same strategy is used by elite chess players. 


We are also being subjected to another brilliant example, using a different strategy that has already worked..... on a much wider scale that has a similar objective.

 The fake climate crisis is totally being used to accomplish the same objective using a completely different strategy.

In that case,  fool people by scaring them into supporting the Climate Accord agenda, that will do almost nothing to affect climate and nothing to affect the weather. They know that the Climate Accord will never do anything to affect the climate. They just want you to think that. 

It's main objective is to  spread wealth/resources from developed countries to undeveloped countries(and cut back the OVER consumption of natural resources by rich countries). Call it climate reparations if you want or like they do, money for adaptation to the poor countries for the climate that we supposedly wrecked(while mankind experiences the best weather/climate in at least 1,000 years on the GREENING planet) but the Green Climate Fund and other endeavors that are the KEY part of the Climate Accord will do zero to change the climate...........and they NEVER intended any of it to do that. They just wanted you to think that it would. 

The worlds most effective sales gimmick and marketing strategy in history! The fake climate crisis. 

It worked and they won.

But I've been studying and explaining it for 2 decades now.