the "vaccine".. and forum rules
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Started by GunterK - Oct. 3, 2021, 2:10 p.m.

Thank you metmike, for pointing out the forum rules to me.  I do understand your threats about “suspension”.

Please let me sort out these things… what’s ok to post and what is not.

On one side, you have the government’s medical team, led by Dr Fauci (who is clearly a highly qualified expert), various government agencies, a very powerful “special interest group” (the vaccine companies), and an assortment of politicians who enforce the team’s rules

On the other side, you have a group of also highly qualified, independent virologists who disagree with the other side’s opinions, and an assortment of politicians who believe those scientists.

The first team is in control of all MSM and most social media sites.The other side has to resort to use “outlier” media sites to be heard.

Each side calls the other side’s comments “propaganda”.   Dr Fauci has declared that any opinion opposing his is “misinformation”

So, here I am… as I have pointed out before, by education, I am only an engineer… I did not take classes in virology. When the virus arrived, and later the “vaccines”, I tried to learn about this subject, by reading and listening to qualified experts.  I heard some who were against the mRNA jab, and others who were for it. 

Since the MSM did not show us any of the negative news, I had  thought it would be a good idea to bring up differing views on this forum.  

I realize, my education and the amount of studying I did during the last few months, does not qualify me to be a “fact checker”, and decide on my own what is “misinformation” and what is not, as you do  (and you are not a virologist either).

But… it’s your forum… should I post anything opposing the government’s line of thinking,, I will be suspended.

You made the strong accusation that my posts could cost people’s lives. I most certainly don’t want to be the cause for a single life being lost.   Yes, I have seen the stories of people who wound up in the ICU, suffering from Covid, telling us they wished that they had been vaccinated.

However, I have seen even more people who mourned the loss of loved-ones, who they claim were killed by the "vaccine"…. or people who are severely damaged by the "vaccine"…. wishing they had never been vaccinated.

I don’t deny, some 150 mill people have been vaxxed, and they are doing fine, so far…. Can’t argue with those stats.  However, most people are not aware of the “dark side” of the mRNA jab, simply because the MSM is not addressing this problems, and the social media censor every negative vaxx comment..

In most of my posts I have tried to keep my personal opinion out of them, and rather report data or opinions presented by others, most of them experienced virologists. However, in closing, please allow me to state my own personal opinion

I am not an “anti-vaxxer”.  All my life, I have taken all the shots I was asked to take, without questioning any of them. However, I have never heard of any “vaccine” doing as much damage as this mRNA jab. And now, since its efficacy has dropped to 39%, once the Delta arrived, I really wonder…

Anyway…that’s just my personal view... I am asking everybody reading this post not to take my personal opinion as a "scientific fact".  I am  not a virologist.

I believe I do understand the forum rules… Should I post about a scientist who opposes the government's line of thinking and actions, or any reporting of “severe adverse side effects”, would be considered “misinformation”, followed by suspension.

I understand.


I am not quite clear…. Quoting Senator Rand Paul, for example, would that be a violation resulting in suspension?  I am referring to Paul’s comment the other day about Israel’s findings that natural immunity works better in fighting the Delta than the vaccine.  Quoting a senator, would that be followed by suspension?

By metmike - Oct. 3, 2021, 2:44 p.m.
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You know dang well that quoting Rand Paul, as I have many times based on SCIENCE is not out of line.

If you really can't tell the difference between authentic science and YOUR DISinformation, despite me making it loud and clear with hundreds of posts rebutting your bad science, then go back and review the hundreds of posts between us on this topic. 

If it still isn't crystal clear...........then this could be a wonderful exercise in learning(finally) for you.

Keep posting like you have and find out which ones get you suspended.

As I mentioned too, if it appears that you are sincerely trying to figure it out and comply with authentic science, I will just give you a warning.

Showing an authentic study is never a violation, even if its a cherry pick. If you want to spin it into bs land as representing more than what it really're walking on thin ice.

Posting complete lies from lying sources like this, WILL earn a suspension:

By GunterK - Oct. 3, 2021, 6:03 p.m.
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You should have known that my comment about Rand Paul was sarcasm.

If I had stated that the natural immune system works better than the vaxx, as Rand Paul did,  I would have been suspended

By mcfarm - Oct. 3, 2021, 7:34 p.m.
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Differing opinions makes this sight interesting. Differing opinions just might save lives during this covid outbreak. We have loons like the gov of NY telling us the" vaxx has been with us a really long time now." And 1/2 the country is too scared to call her on it because she has the backing of everyone from the federal gov on down thru the nearly entirely left leaning media on her side. This same tactic was used just last year during the riots, the burning, the looting of many of our cities and again 1.2 the nation was too scared to speak out.

I am just hoping that some as interesting as our engineer friend from Cal is not forced off this forum and the conversation between him and MM can continue, just a couple decibels less intense.

By metmike - Oct. 3, 2021, 8:01 p.m.
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Pretending  you’re being treated unfairly and feeling sorry for yourself to get sympathy from your audience is beneath your capabilities.

Join me, instead of working so hard to oppose me.

It feels good to be on the side of objective truth and authentic science based on embracing what’s right and helping people and no longer being a slave to one political side and a blind servant delivering harmful, dishonest messages  from self serving sources  that have you wrapped around their finger.