Republicans Have a Historic Opportunity With Black Voters
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Started by metmike - Jan. 10, 2022, 8:25 p.m.

Republicans Have a Historic Opportunity With Black Voters. Why Won't They Seize It? | Opinion

"Slogans like "Defund the Police" were pushed as "racial justice" while being opposed by 81 percent of Black Americans. In the name of "racial equity," divisive curricula like critical race theory were introduced into politics and schools—while the public schools our children rely on were shut down and went online, sending Black children even further behind their white counterparts in learning loss. Violent crime is tearing apart our communities, yet liberals continue to elect district attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminals.

On nearly every issue that seems to matter to the Democratic leadership, Black voters are searching for our interests—and not finding them. Even Black elected Democrats are publicly challenging white progressives for their paternalism, their focus on "micro-aggressions" instead of the issues that Black people care about.

 You need only scroll through the comments section of any video featuring Vice President Kamala Harris to get a sense of how fed up we are with the assumption that we only support candidates we look like us.

Republicans need to take this opportunity to speak to Black voters. That also means they need to stop being so triggered by any conversation involving race. It is completely illogical to complain about "Democrat run cities" and then bristle when Black people raise concerns about systemic racism. When you deny the existence of institutionalized racism, you are giving a pass to the people who are in charge of the institutions that we are complaining about. And you shouldn't want to give them a pass—they're your political opponents! Instead, address the systemic issues, and show us how you're going to fix them.

The GOP has never had a better opportunity to make inroads with Black people than they do right now. The part has the same opportunity with Black people today that the Democrats seized in the FDR era. If the GOP can get out of its own way, Republican leaders will be uniquely positioned to become what the Democratic Party used to be: a multiethnic working class party representing a majority of the country."

metmike: Democrats want Republicans to keep spinning their wheels and going backwards on topics where they completely  own the republicans........The Big Lie/Insurrection and COVID vaccinations. 

Just reading that will probably make republicans want to get into a debate about it with me for stating it that way here..........just the way the dems want it. 

Take advantage in areas where YOU have the huge advantage. It's like you guys are professional football players but the dems have convinced you to play baseball, their game at Wrigley Field.

Turns out that the far right sources like FOX, realize that playing baseball is generating some pretty high ratings and profits for they are happy to accomodate.  the democrats and you are the ones that lose out. Their block buster ratings and profis are what matter most. As long as the democrats own you on those issues, the more enraged the far right media can make you over them and the more you will watch/read them. I was in tv for 11 years. Its not the winnable battles that they are playing for but the verocity of the battle that increases viewership. 

If there's a football game and your team is winning 49-0, you will be bored and much less likely to watch than if your team is down 35-28 but you are certain you have the better team and will pull out the win. 

These far right sources WANT the topics that are the BIGGEST battles to increase viewers/readers. They've picked the ones your getting your ars's kicked on......The Big Lie and COVID vaxx's because of ratings. If they turned around and agreed that the election was completely fair and didn't have widespread fraud and everybody should follow the science and get vaccinated like the democrats are doing.........they would lose tons of viewers. 

Read what this guy is actually stating.  The Big Lie and Insurrection topic is probably the biggest turn off imaginable to a black voter. The dems have them totally convinced that you are making it harder to vote for blacks and you fall right into that trap and take a insistent position that is perceived by most blacks as  anti black voter.......and all because you vehemently insist that there was significant fraud in the 2020 election. .........part of the Big Lie for most republicans.

Keep that up and you will keep turning blacks away. 

Again, forget the 2020 election or election fraud related to it, including The Big Lie. Your convinced you can win something that already was lost and think it can be projected on future results.  How many black votes will you win by insisting on tougher voting laws?

Almost none. Whether you believe in it or not its just an issue that you will NEVER increase the republican party with.........and lost quite a few already.

If you want to disarm the dems on that topic..............just stop fighting them so hard. 

Listen to the great points this guy made. 

Change the sport to one that you have a huge advantage in.

On just the issue of crime, republicans can totally obliterate the democrats using authentic data and the absolute truth without any spinning. Spend more time on that and less time on issues that dems have the winning narrative already and there is NOTHING you can do to change that narrative(like election fraud/tougher voting requirements). 

Trust me on this, you will LOSE  even more people than gain the longer you continue that battle. 

The topic of energy has republicans completely obliterating every iota of the democrats nonsense, fake green energy fairy tale stories. ......when it comes to authentic facts and realities. 

By metmike - Jan. 10, 2022, 9:23 p.m.
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There are plenty of other issues including the Bidens weak leadership because he's over the hill  and Kamala Harris's complete lack of needed skills to be in her current position.

The only person they can beat in 2024 is probably Trump.........and there we go again. 

Over half the republicans want Trump to run again.

Most democrats want that too.....because "Not Donald Trump" gave Biden tens of millions of votes in the last election and if Trump runs again, the person who runs against him will get every one of those votes again and then some. 

Donald Trump still rules Republicans a year after January 6. He's also eyeing a 2024 run

Most Republicans want Trump to run again despite investigations, poll says

Sean Hannity continues to insist that "the democrats are afraid of Donald Trump".

FOX continues to be a Trump cheerleader and have him on their show...........because they know how to generate ratings.

There are millions more "not/never Donald Trump" people in this country than in 2020.

If you go to far right sites, you don't read or hear this and that's a huge reason that people continue to adore Donald Trump.........the far right media and politicians are in his hip pocket because they fear that opposing him will hurt their careers and profits which are totally dependent on telling viewers/readers things that will keep them tuned in.

Very sad sort of positive feedback reinforcement to elevate a blatantly dysfunctional and damaging/destructive dynamic in the republican party.  

But the good news is that the farther we get away from the Insurrection and Donald Trump, the more people forget about it/him as they get a daily reminder of what Biden/Harris is like........which is mostly bad things to many people.

The key to success in my opinion is to focus entirely on Biden/Harris leadership and policy issues. 

Crime and energy should be at the absolute top!

I don't belong to either political independent. I grew up a democrat from Detroit, shifted to a republican from Indiana, then was closer to a Libertarian around 14 years ago but have a couple positions that are in great conflict with just a one party belief system, with some that favor agenda of both parties. 

The Republican Party’s Image Has Recovered From the Fallout of Jan. 6                           

Voter sentiment about the GOP, and Trump himself, has bounced back over the past year