MarketForum attack
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Started by metmike - March 14, 2022, 8:12 p.m.

For the last several months, MarketForum has been under some sort of attack that's causing huge time delays in response time....up to a minute during some evenings.

I just learned something tonight.

They usually get really bad around or just after 6pm CST.

Today, that had shifted to 7pm CDT.

So the attacking entity DOES NOT follow daylight savings or standard time, instead its on some sort of universal time cue. 

By 7475 - March 15, 2022, 8:12 a.m.
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Obviously a Russian Cyber Attack.

 A desperate attempt to destroy our capitalistic markets.

By wglassfo - March 15, 2022, 10:09 a.m.
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Some thing definitely is going on

I am in Canada and very seldom experience delays

Any delay I think is on my end [old lap top or just busy local internet]

Used to be bad when kids got home from school [pre-covid] but more  towers has eased the congestion

Can't remember a 1 minute delay, once we got more towers

More competition also as we have a new start up with a tower signal [thingamigig] on our highest grain leg.  Free signal for us in exchange  for use of our leg [win-win] He uses line of sight. Our leg is 135' plus I think he added a small whip like thing on top of 135'We have a working platform  on top of 135' with rails around every thing, plus rest places on climb upward. Crazy grand son stands n rails if needed to unplug elevator leg

That is what we have and my MF experience. Of coarse excellent reception

Just for your info, if this helps in any way

If some body reads this maybe I get delay and then we know for sure

By metmike - March 15, 2022, 11:48 a.m.
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I don't know where its coming from but suspect its an entity that wants us off the air.

By wglassfo - March 15, 2022, 11:14 p.m.
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Well Mike

I should have not posted

Some body is watching  and reading our posts

Today immediately after posting my experience with non interference whilst posting now I am black listed with delays at every new turn to get on line and every thing there after is an extended  wait

Obviously some body read my post and decided I should be like the rest of you

So: I suppose I should have stayed  quiet and slide under the radar so to speak

No I had to post my good fortune

Well: that did not go so well

Oh well I suppose, no I know, it is worse in Ukraine

By madmechanic - March 30, 2022, 12:40 p.m.
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I feel like these daily attacks are some sort of DDoS attack. But to thwart that we would need the help of the people who actually own the server(s) this site is hosted on.

By metmike - March 30, 2022, 1:37 p.m.
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I agree but they won’t respond.

By mcfarm - March 30, 2022, 3:25 p.m.
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yes key time for problems here has always been evening

By metmike - March 31, 2022, 7:30 p.m.
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These were the latest emails and responses to the tech team for this site. 

I would appreciate your comments too.




I'm probably wasting my time again contacting you about this but the long delays have continued to get worse.

Now it's been over 3 months and they are a minute long at times and can occur at any time of day.

Before, it was mostly in the evenings between 6-midnight CST.





I have no idea  what's going on but maybe you can help least explain to me what's going on please.




The delays are so long that I'm getting timed out.

504 Gateway Time-out




Since you guys don't want to help or even respond, can you please  provide me with key information so that I can find somebody that will?





Thu 3/31/2022 1:20 PM

I as I stated in my last email,  - everything seems fine here and there are no flags showing any problems.  Can you please give me more to look into other then logging in.  I have been on the site and it loads fine.

As per your request I can only give that information to the owner of the account.





Thu 3/31/2022 6:18 PM

OK, I will gladly document the  times and length of the delays for you  with more detail then.

Because I am on that site so often, I will estimate that with this being the 90th day of the year, I have experienced delays of at least 30 seconds,  well over 1,000 times, with it occurring when I(or anybody else) load(s) the site, then each time that I post or read and/or add to posts a dozen+ times during some periods that last for consecutive hours.

This can amount to 20+ times within a couple of hours.

The attachment is the message  that I got 6 times earlier today and around 15 times just this week..........earlier in the day(which shows that the delays are so long, that everything drops out)

504 Gateway Time-out


Previous to this month, it was confined mostly to the evening hours, starting at 6pm CST and ending just before midnight and never long enough to be timed out, like we're seeing now.

Others on the forum have noted the same thing and it sometimes results in double posts from people hitting the send button more than once, after not having a response.

Again, I will now document each incident/period and send it back to you in a week, after they've accumulated.



By metmike - April 1, 2022, 9:48 p.m.
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I apologize for the long loading times once again this evening.

As long as 60 sec at times over the last hour. 30 sec just before that. In between, fast, 2 sec load times around half of the time.

This was the latest communication with our tech guy:

XXXXXX(computer company owner)

Fri 4/1/2022 7:46 AM



I have tested the web site from multiple locations.  The main page loads in 1.45 seconds, and the tabs all load at that speed or less.  I am not sure why your getting any delays.  Have you tried clearing you web cache?  As I mentioned in my last email there are not warring’s or flags on you account.   

I can have a professional web person investigate load times, over a period of time (past and future) and also make some changes that might speed up the load time. The cost for this is $1485.00.   

I appreciate the willingness to log every incident, however I just needed something a little more speciphic to go on, and you provided this in this  email.  I do not need anything further. 

Let me know how you would like to move forward on this matter.   




My response


Fri 4/1/2022 11:32 AM

"I can have a professional web person investigate load times, over a period of time (past and future)"

Last night was actually one of the best performing nights with the least  amount of  delays compared to many nights in 2022. Earlier this year, the delays of 30 sec's would be continuous between 6p-midnight. The pattern of load times has become extremely chaotic now, as if to avoid detection.

I made several posts on MarketForum about the regularity of the attacks......then they changed.

Last night, I used multiple devices and 2 different IP addresses and got the same thing.

For March 31, 2022

Before 7:05 load time

7:05-7:15 pm 45 sec load time

 7:17-7:43 Timed out entire period

7:44-11pm  fast load times when I checked

11:20-11:35 Timed out entire period

During the "Time out" periods, I tested on a different IP Address, tethering off my phone with 2 different  Ipads and 1 Lap Top and experienced the same thing.

I saved some of the Time out's from last night and took a picture of the screen this morning in the attachment for documentation.(screen shot not included here on MarketForum since it shows personal information from my computer).

MarketForum is experiencing fast load times this morning.




XXXX(computer company owner)

I checked the server shows no issues at those times,  

I only host the pages and your web pages load and your content is there.  There is not much I can do past this.  


I can have a professional look at it.  This service is not free.  Let me know how you would like to move forward.


By metmike - April 7, 2022, 1:33 p.m.
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Mike Maguire

Thu 4/7/2022 12:30 PM


The load times have been lightning fast all day long since my last email, April 1.

That hasn't happened since the end of 2021.

If you had anything to do with this.......thank you very much!


By metmike - April 30, 2022, 9:08 p.m.
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MarketForum has continued to load with lightning fast speed and very few delays the past 4 weeks now. .......the entire month of April.

Thank you very much again,