Food security
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Started by wglassfo - May 19, 2022, 9:47 a.m.

I don't know if there is another thread on "Food Security" or similar, but if MM like things all neat and in one thread, let him sort it out because such a task is beyond my ability, plus I don't really care if threads are all neat and tidy. Seems many other posters feel the same as MM continually re-arranges the threads to his liking. Go for it MM

 Who really cares besides you??

I post my thoughts on a new thread all the time and that is what I do. Makes didly squat to me

If you don't like my posts then one more poster gone until you have maybe a couple posters and a dead site

Open it up to osters as they see fit and watch some posters actually post some thing

One day I counted at least 6 posts by Mike and nobody else. Think maybe there might be a reason for this, you neat freak, all prime and proper that almost nobody wants to post any more

Any how the G7 reps are meeting to discuss the grain locked in the Black Sea by Russia. They want to get that grain [food] to the starving masses of poor people

1st of all this is a fool's errand, as why would Putin free up the grain. What incentive does the G7 have to offer. They are already trying to bring war crimes against Putin. Seems to me food is the last thing Putin would bargain with no counter offer, which I see as nothing being offered,  when war crimes are floated about.

Now there is some excess grain in the USA, maybe not so much wheat but corn beans etc. Off coarse the stocks are less in the USA but why not offer the available surplus of grain to the starving people. maybe not enough but some thing is better than none. Buy the  surplus at market price at CBOT prices, the send it where the food is needed. Hel, just print up a batch of fake dollars to pay for it or a part of the 40 bln pkg to Ukraine

The surplus is there. Use what is available for a start and go from there

I am sure some body smarter than me could scrape up some thing on the world surplus market

If and when CBOT prices meet my price I would sell and so would everybody else with surplus grain or food products. Some body is going to have to supply the food free of charge if the poorest of the poor hope for any relief

So why not discuss ways to access surplus food in other parts of the world and forget the Black Sea.

At least try to do what is possible and forget the impossible

By metmike - May 19, 2022, 2:22 p.m.
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"but why not offer the available surplus of grain to the starving people."

With record high prices, that would just cause even higher prices(I know that you like that).

This was the absolutely worst/dumbest thing to do with our corn:

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