When will the breaking point be hit?
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Started by metmike - June 1, 2022, 9:23 p.m.


    Ukraine Latest: US Missiles Will Require Three Weeks of Training


Key Developments

metmike: The only thing for certain is that we are getting propaganda from both sides and the war is ESCALATING not DE-escalating.

1. How much truth is there to all the stories about Putin being gravely ill with a terminal illness? If that's the case, it makes him extraordinarily MORE dangerous and more likely to take risks, not just because he has nothing to lose but he has such little time left to finish the job. If this were true, why not just back off, not provoke the guy and let him die as a potential strategy.

2. Most news reports seem to tell us about how the Ukrainian's are crushing the Russian army..........which continues to take massive losses..........lose an unbelievable number of generals. I determined last month, with a Google search that it wouldn't even allow me to look up Ukrainian generals killed because any question related to that, immediately diverted me to Russian generals killed.

 If you believed all of this, then how is Russia doing the things that they are doing to have control in parts of Ukraine? Putin must have a death wish and is trying to self destruct his country if you believed all this crapola. 

3. Putin has continually warned countries, including the US about intervention and the US continues to completely ignore his warnings with only 1 objective in mind..........DEFEAT PUTIN, NO MATTER WHAT THE COST IS or WHAT THE RISKS ARE.

Since becoming president, Biden's agenda  has resulted in numerous counterproductive decisions. The MSM suggests that most of it is just bad luck related to things in the world that BIden has/had no control over.

Putin's price hike bs rhetoric for instance to blame the entire reason for  high energy prices on somebody or things NOT related to his war on fossil fuels and jaw dropping, bone headed bad  for the US oil and natural gas decisions(coal was already dead before he arrived thanks to the Obama/Biden administrations handiwork).

The risk for Putin to use nuclear weapons is getting higher and if he does use them..........we can dang well blame Biden for it. It will be consistent with everything else the past 16 months.

By metmike - June 1, 2022, 9:38 p.m.
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If Putin uses nuclear weapons..................THEN WHAT?

Do they even have a plan?

You either 

1. Let Putin win

2. Negotiate

3. Or counter and escalate with WW-3 and a potential apocalypse.

Putin isn't stupid. He knows that with 2 out of those 3 choices above, he is in a much better position than he is now by using nuclear weapons and with #3, he might think he can win WW-3, so all those options look better to him than to the other side/US.

This is Putin's backyard and he is playing for things that are worth 100 times more to him than to the US.  He knows this.

He knows that Bidens ratings are record low for a US president and the people here will NEVER support us getting into nuclear war with Russia. They will turn on him.

Putin is smart enough to know that Biden is limited because of upcoming elections and Biden's party is already fearful of landslide losses. Add a nuclear war and the democrats would really drop like flies. Biden WILL NEVER get into a nuclear war with Russia or use nuclear weapons. If Putin does, he wins those battles and could threaten to use more if the US doesn't stop supporting Ukraine with packages like this:


Putins BEST OPPORTUNITY will be BEFORE the upcoming elections.

The US people will  really punish the party in charge if we have a nuclear war. 

Without the US, Ukraine has little chance. China is actually siding with Russia regarding some of the reasoning.

With Biden continuing to escalate and committed to winning, look for Putin to use nuclear weapons finally since the threats have been ignored and it's just another policy blunder by this administration.


Biden and the West are trying to pretend like they have all the winning cards in their hand and are clobbering Putin BECAUSE THEY WANT THE PLEBES TO KEEP SUPPORTING THE EFFORT. 

If you are not winning, people do not support what you are doing. When you think that you are on the winning side......people will support you!

They blame Putin for inflation.

Putin is causing the energy issues.

So this is supposed to motive us even more to beat Putin because he's causing all these bad things to happen to us. 

NO HE'S NOT. These are all self inflicted problems based on an intentional policy that we imposed based on our agenda. Everything that's happened, are decisions that  caused it to happen.

Maybe it's worth it to defeat Russia????

It won't be if Putin uses nuclear weapons. Russia isn't going to invest all this so far and then......... just lose without using nuclear weapons.

With the latest Biden escalation, we should decide what the US is going to do WHEN Russia uses nuclear weapons, since its now more likely than not. 

The risks appear to be a couple of orders of magnitude greater than the rewards here.

Yes, I'm well aware that we can't just let a bully take land away from a country that used to belong to the bully a few decades ago but doesn't now. 

It's way more complicated than that too. 

Actually, I just thought of another one:

4. We're being lied to and Putin is actually winning against Ukraine. If they tell us that truth, then people will no longer want to support a war that features getting our ars whooped. People DO NOT support losing efforts!!!

By metmike - June 2, 2022, 10:31 a.m.
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Kissinger says Ukraine must give up land to Russia, warns West not to seek to humiliate Putin with defeat

  • Henry Kissinger said Ukraine must be prepared to give up territory to Russia in peace talks.
  • He warned of the risk of escalation unless peace negotiations start in the next 2 months. 



Kissinger is wrong: We can’t give Putin a win in Ukraine


By bear - June 2, 2022, 11:30 a.m.
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here is what i think could be the best case...

if we only offer a little assistance to ukraine, and let it work out like the soviet/afghan war.  after 7-8 yrs the russians would get tired of it and eventually pull out.  

By metmike - June 2, 2022, 12:01 p.m.
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Thanks bear,

After 7 years that assistance adds up to a lot.

 Russias commitment here is very much greater than Afghanistan.

The strategical dynamics are Completely different.

There was very little nuclear was threat with Afghanistan.

That war didn’t feature The West vs Russia.

This war features numerous daily accounts of details, many speculative, some propaganda that have us feel connected And escalations seem to be ongoing.

Russia vs Afghanistan was not like that.

Protracted and non productive waste of resources.