President Biden lucky not to break his hip
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Started by metmike - June 19, 2022, 3:31 a.m.

President Biden lucky not to break his hip: Sports doc

metmike: I competed body building when I was younger and trained a few people back then and also developed my Dad's exercise routine that he still does today at almost 97.

It's ok for SOME 79 year old men/women to ride a bike.

Those that still have excellent balance (not the very unsteady gait with baby steps of Biden) and not suffering confusion.

President Biden is not one of them and for Pete's sake...... he's the president. You have to use good sense to not risk his health or injury by doing risky things or unnecessary things.

A hip fracture for Biden, would incapacitate the president of the United States from traveling  for months and at that age the recovery can get complicated(though he would have the best care).

I can only guess that this was seen as an attempt to do damage control to offset Biden's obvious physical and mental decline.  Show everybody how agile and athletic he still is by riding a bike like young people.

Yeah, they showed us alright.

Showed us that not only  isn't he not so agile but that he's getting bad advice from his physical fitness trainers and/or public relations/promotion advisors who absolutely should have told him it's time to hang up the bike when he became president based on his condition, his job and the risk.

By metmike - June 19, 2022, 12:01 p.m.
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This may just be a part of people being in denial of realities and trying to manufacture realities to convince people that it isn't so or to believe the opposite of the reality.

If they can pull off  showing Biden riding a bike, which mostly young people will prove that all those people claiming that he is too old to be president are just attacking him for their political agenda.

Seriously, that had to be part of why they authorized this extremely risky behavior for a sometimes confused, 79 year old that takes baby steps while walking because he's unsteady THAT IS THE PRESIDENT and can't take ANY unnecessary risks.

They control all of his risks all day, every day. He's the president.

I'm extremely grateful and happy he didn't fracture a hip or have an injury but I would have told you this BEFORE he decided to ride the bike.

This world is no longer about common sense. They might even be more determined to show that Biden can ride bikes without having accidents, instead of retiring him from this risky behavior........then, show that video to prove it.

By metmike - June 19, 2022, 12:15 p.m.
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I'm not doing this to bash Biden which many people do. 

I'm doing it bash blatant deception.

Telling us that Biden fully intends to run in 2024. 

C'mon man, even if he was 59, the lowest ratings of a president in history make that sound very questionable.


So the typical response of somebody that knows one side is feeding us a ton of bs is to present only points that prove that  bs..........not both sides.

Biden is not cerebrally dead. He can perform most of his duties just fine and still does a wonderful job communicating messages at times like this:


but the other side is already telling us that he's competent most of the time  and then adding tons of bs to it.

I'm just trying to subtract the bs!