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Started by metmike - Aug. 22, 2022, 12:24 p.m.

Pence's 2024 hopes loom over potential testimony to Jan. 6 committee

metmike: Impossible for Pence to make all republicans happy. The party is extremely divided based on the ones that think the election was stolen and still strongly support Trump and the ones with integrity that respect the Constitution and truth.

We can guess by how he acted on January 6th, that he personally aligns with the truth and Constitution.  However, over half the republican party wants their reps and their echo chambers like Fox to tell them lies and to support Trump.  Note Cheney's big loss in Wyoming last week.

Pence could easily take on some of that flack because Trump has already identified him as a target because he didn't do his part to overturn the election.

Republicans not only want that, they demand it because there's plenty of the republicans with weak character to go around that offer it. 

If they all came out for truth(and their ratings seeking sources stopped the lies) , Trump would die off and they could put all of this extraordinarily damaging stuff related to the election of 2020 behind them and move forward.

But Trump won't let them. Trump is still controlling the path of the party, like a heavy anchor on a ship left dragging it down.

Everybody is afraid of what will happen to them if they cut the anchor because the deranged, psychopathic captain of the boat is screaming orders to  the crew to keep his anchor in the water. Anybody that dares defy those orders..........gets thrown overboard!

Yes, Master Trump. We believe everything that you say and will do everything you tell us to do.

You are our hero and because you are so great, the other side is trying to take you down because they are afraid of your greatness and omnipotence.

We will never leave your side or even consider the authenticity of any attacks against you, master. We will avoid all negative thoughts about you. Please show us the way (-:

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By metmike - Aug. 23, 2022, 2:56 p.m.
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The Koch network and other Trump allies are quietly backing his biggest GOP critic: Rep. Liz Cheney

Key Points

  • Two PACs backing Liz Cheney hired i360, a data and technology company financed by billionaire Charles Koch, according to Federal Election Commission filings.
  • People close to Donald Trump told CNBC that the former president and his allies could try to get people to stop working with Cheney.