RR labor dispute
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Started by bear - Aug. 31, 2022, 12:26 a.m.


here are a couple things the author overlooks here.  

- rail companies normally have a problem about schedules for delivery.  this is not a new issue.

- if a farm is worried about not getting their feed in time, that is the fault of farm management.  they can always order a bit early and stockpile some  Just-in-case there is a supply chain problem.  (or delivery delay).  

this is a bigger issue for industry in general.  the wide-spread adoption of just in time delivery became a standard practice in industries across the world.  BUT... it only works when the supply chains are working perfectly.  

it is going to be tough lesson to learn, but business are going to have to learn that they might need to order early, and stockpile some things.  just in time delivery worked for years, but now it does NOT.  

for my own business, i often buy jars thru out the year.  because ... if i wait until that last minute, when i need them, i may not be able to find them.  

i have a friend (beekeeper) who has had this problem a couple times now.  he waits until the last minute, and then can't get the jars he wants.  i keep telling him to order early.  (stockpile some). don't wait till the last minute.  

here is another small simple example... my wife likes a specific brand and type of apple sauce.  (only that one and NO other).  often you cannot find it at the store (when she wants it).  so, now, when i see it, i stock up, and buy many jars at a time.  

just in time delivery does NOT work any more.   i really do not feel sorry for companies that are still counting on just in time delivery.  

and yes, crime is a growing problem in CA, and not just for a railroad.  

By metmike - Aug. 31, 2022, 4:51 p.m.
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Thanks bear!

Lot's of things in that story that I had no clue about and great points from you about stocking up.

My wife thinks I'm nuts because I stock up on supplies for many months........sometimes even a year+ for items on sale that don't go bad!