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Started by metmike - Sept. 11, 2022, 10:19 p.m.

‘I felt dehumanized’: Alabama pastor wants police accountability after arrest while watering flowers

"Racism is at the root of these police encounters, Jennings says, and he’s determined to do something about it."

On Friday, Jennings filed a federal lawsuit against three police officers and the town of Childersburg, requesting a jury trial and seeking an unspecified amount of money. The suit alleges the actions of Officers Christopher Smith and Justin Gable, Sgt. Jeremy Brooks and the city violated constitutional rights that protect him from unlawful arrest and guarantee free speech.

The lawsuit also says Jennings suffered emotional and psychological distress during the arrest and its aftermath, resulting in PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares and flashbacks.

Although money is not at the root of Jennings’ lawsuit, Daniels said, “make no mistake about it, pastor Jennings should be compensated for his damages.”

metmike: After reading the accounts described by this man and in the media, I got the impression that the cops must have really abused him.......

Then, I watched the bodycam video, seen below. WOW!

All the abuse was being dished out by the pastor who was being belligerent, disrespectful and completely uncooperative to the cops who were just doing their jobs because somebody called to report a person that was not the owner of the house outside that house while the resident was out of town.

They were responsibly investigating trying to see who this person was, while being very respectful to him the entire time(I'll take cops exactly like this in my neighborhood 24-365)  but he wouldn't cooperate and kept telling them to arrest him and HE was doing the yelling, not them.

There was 0 physical or verbal abuse by the cops. They were kind and explained in detail, numerous times  where they were coming from.

The part that especially gives his dishonesty and lack of integrity away is this outrageous claim: "resulting in PTSD symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares and flashbacks"

Watch the video to see how extremely absurd that claim is. They always say that body cams not only protect those being arrested but also help protect the cops.

This time, the body cams show a much different version from the one the dishonest pastor describes. 

Now, he and his lawyers have done numerous press releases to the media to draw attention to it with false narratives,  blatantly abusing the race card and the biased media eats it up and twists the authentic facts, which we get from the 20 minute video of the entire event to turn this guy into a black victim and the white cops as racists.

There are lessons to learn here:

1. If the cops get a report/call from somebody that is concerned about something they are observing that doesn't seem right, the cops are obligated to investigate the situation........whether the people involved are black or white. These cops were doing their jobs well here. They can't know if the call was legit or not unless they investigate. They don't have ESP!

2. Even if cops are abusing a person, being cooperative will always result in things going better for them. In this case, the cops were being very respectful and just needed some basic information to do their job investigating the call from a concerned citizen. This guy refused to cooperate. He wouldn't give them the basic information they asked for, being intentionally belligerent and repeatedly told them to arrest him to see what happens. It's hard to imagine, if this was a white guy, how the cops would have been any nicer. He totally asked for this. An objective person(that respects law enforcement)  watching the recording is much more likely to feel bad for the cops.

3. Now we found out what his threat was about. He seems to have wanted the arrest so that he could spin up the fake version of the story and all the manufactured damages to him and now he's getting widespread attention with the potential of a big financial pay day. 

Who behaves this way, then plays the race card, hiring attorneys and asking for a large sum of money, while doing numerous press releases and media contacts that describe themselves as the victim?

Answer: People that are clever and know how to manipulate the system using race!

4. Just because you're a pastor doesn't mean you're honest. The worst part of this is that it does additional damage to race relations and when we see examples of black men like this, using the system to cry "racists" it make it much tougher to believe in the real racism............which exists in huge examples like George Floyd.

5. I've been a strong advocate for racial justice and fair/equal treatment for minorities my entire adult life. Incidents similar to this one...a guy and his attorneys (that are not stupid/confused) using the system to create hatred and target innocent cops doing their job to benefit themselves and selling it as racial justice  is very saddening to observe in today's dishonest world. It messes it up for sincere people actually trying to make the world better. 

See the entire video yourself here:

By metmike - Sept. 11, 2022, 10:27 p.m.
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Other comments very welcome.

By mcfarm - Sept. 12, 2022, 7:01 a.m.
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only compounded by a new hoax out of Duke University. And then the Duke coach took that one to a new level of stupid. Volleyball player claimed she was racially harassed during an entire game. Coach cancelled further games with said school. {where was the athletic director}?? Now its becoming clear entire event was staged and used nealry as bad the famous Smallet. Speaking of dear Jessie has the guy seen one day in jail yet?

By metmike - Sept. 12, 2022, 2:08 p.m.
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Thanks for pointing out other great examples of  complete hoaxes that hurt thousands of people, some more than others in the Duke case and effected millions in the Smollett case.

Intensive BYU investigation finds no evidence of racist slur beyond Duke player’s statement

Jussie Smollett jailed for 150 days in fake racist attack

Judge calls Smollett ‘arrogant and selfish and narcissistic’ while actor continues to maintain his innocence.

Jussie Smollett takes mug shot and spends first night in jail for staging fake crime

The roughly five-month jail sentence was coupled with 2½  years of felony probation. Linn also ordered the entertainer to pay $120,106 in restitution to the city of Chicago and a $25,000 fine for his crimes.

Jussie Smollett released from jail following order from appeals court

metmike: With regards to Smollett, not sure if he's served much of his prison sentence but the damage to his reputation and life(which were destroyed) and his legacy for doing this will remain a part of history are much greater than the prison sentence and unless he likes the attention, even if its negative(this is possible), then I believe justice was served in his case.

Even though the amount of damage he did was some ways it opened the eyes to many about hoaxes like this using the race card.

It does, however make it harder in some legit cases but society today, seems to have been moving strongly towards believing hoaxes vs not believing legit racism(the opposite of how it was prior to this age).

It's basically an OVER reaction to correct sins of the past.

Punish innocent people today to make people feel better about what their ancestors did.