Fusion breakthrough could be climate, energy game-changer
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Started by metmike - Dec. 15, 2022, 3:03 a.m.


More extremely and intentionally misleading science to generate funding for scientists using propaganda and the fake climate crisis. The article below is more realistic but even that one gives the reader more optimism than is justified because of  the reality of the almost impossible to overcome physics and required environment to accomplish those physics in a way to harness fusion for reliable energy.. 


The Real Fusion Energy Breakthrough Is Still Decades Away

US nuclear scientists have achieved the long-sought goal of a fusion ignition—but don't expect this clean technology to power the grid yet.



Here's somebody telling the truth and giving just the cost reasons that fusion will NEVER be in widespread use as an energy source.

Why fusion will never happen


So even if there was some way to overcome the almost impossible physics and physical environment needed, the cost would be much more than all other energy sources. So what would be the point?

In 50 years, the fake climate crisis hoax will be long over and people will see this period of human history as being the dark ages of climate science and energy production because of self serving interests hijacking those fields. 

They will laugh at the tens of billions of dollars wasted on pretending that fusion is a viable way to create cheap energy on a commercial scale and how the scientists and those in the industries that benefit were just another group of charlatans like many others looking to get their share of the bottomless money pit our government is giving out with bills like the FAKE inflation reduction act(which is actually the climate bill, renamed to trick people into thinking it will fix something people are most concerned about, when in reality it will cause inflation to go HIGHER).

By metmike - Dec. 15, 2022, 3:12 a.m.
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We all understand that many to most of the commercials/advertisements on tv will embellish and distort the truth, make impossible promises, using celebrities or actors who get paid to say whatever it is the company tells them to say about the product so they can get their endorcement. 

That's not much different than what the PR people representing the scientists working on fusion do here.

It's NEVER going to happen but they just keep making impossible promises that it will in order to keep the money gushing in.

That's exactly what the value of the fake climate crisis is to scientists and others, including much of the money being spent on the inflation reduction act.

Think about it. If there was no climate crisis, there would be no need to spend hundreds of billions in just that bill to address the climate crisis. The climate crisis is the greatest cash cow in history.

When added up, it amounts to many trillions. Based entirely on having a climate crisis.

There is a climate crisis, alright. It's a manufactured political creation being used to generate funds, power and accomplish political objectives.

We can readily see that with the climate models..........computer simulations of a fake atmosphere going out to 2100 based on hand pick mathematical equations which give the results the modeler wants. 

They've all been too warm but instead of adjusting them down the the real, observed temperatures, as would happen with authentic science, they've been adjusting them even hotter and are even MORE wrong.

They are doing this because its not science. They need the models to show this to accomplish their  political and money generating objectives which the authentic climate science doesn't show. The hotter the models are, the greater the justification to spend even more money.

It's insane how the mainstream science community and media pretends this isn't really happening.
seriously, it’s so blatantly obvious that most of my 1st grade chess players could look at the graph below and point out the disparity.
but it’s been that way for 2 decades and keeps getting worse, NOT better.

its like authentic science and truth no longer register, have been programmed out of people heads in this age of human history.

what matters the most are manufactured realities that people want to believe in. Seriously, that IS much of the problem.

I can show somebody the authentic climate science but if they’ve been convinced theres a climate crisis, their brains have been taught tht the fake climate crisis is the truth, so by that definition, authentic climate science is a big lie and I’m just a climate denier.

Climate simulations: recognize the ‘hot model’ problem


Climate models:Choice matters. Line graph showing four climate scenarios and the difference between models.


It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It



This explains climate scientists, politicians, fake environmentalists and others(telling us about fusion) today!

This includes NASA: