Lithium Batteries, Cobalt and the Congo
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Very informative.  Almost too much to keep up with.  (a lot of authentic facts)

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Thanks joj!

From: "The real environmental crisis's"

Concerns for mineral supply chain amid booming EV sales


The sales of electric cars are booming, but the rising demand for transition minerals will pose a challenge for the mining industry.

Who controls the EV supply chain?


Another challenge for the future supply chain is that unlike some fossil fuels, many of the minerals essential for EVs are produced in just a handful of countries. Over half of the supply of minerals needed for EV batteries comes from the top three producing countries.


In 2020, Australia was responsible for 48% of global lithium production. For graphite, China is the world’s main supplier, with nearly 79% of global production originating from the country. In the same year, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) supplied 69% of global cobalt.



With regards to rare earth metals, China has most of them!

Infographic: China's Rare Earth Monopoly is Diminishing | Statista


Note the amount of reserves below:

World Mine Production and Reserves
(2020 Estimates)

(Metric Tons)
(Metric Tons)
United States38,0001,500,000
Burma30,000not available
Burundi500not available
Madagascar8,000not available
South Africa--790,000
Thailand2,000not available
Other Countries100310,000
World total (rounded)240,000

REE production chart



China Dominates the Rare Earths Supply Chain







Fossil fuels are their own batteries. The energy is stored in them.

The Wind Power Mirage