Great chess tournament
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Started by metmike - Jan. 17, 2023, 6:20 p.m.

North Jr. High Spring Scholastic Chess Tournament

Saturday, March 4, 2023

 North Junior High School, 15325 HighWay 41 N., Evansville, IN 47725

           Individual  AWARDS

2-27: We increased the # of trophies!

(1st and under; 3 places)...... 4-6 get trophies

 •3rd and under: 10 Places....changed 11-20 get trophies

* 6th and under: 13 Places...changed 14-30 get trophies

• 8th and under: 6 Places, 7-10 get trophies

•12th and under: 8 Places, ...changed 9-18 get trophies


•Top 3 School trophies per section, top 4 scores used per School•Minimum of 3 players to make up a team.

• 4-6 rounds anticipated for all sections. No one is eliminated.

•Players meeting at 9:00 AM•

Rd.1 Starts at 9:20 AM following rounds begin ASAP.

•Entry fee : $10 per player by March 1st, 2023: late entries $12 if space allows.

•On-Site registration must be there BEFORE 8:45 AM. Call or email to confirm availability. Tournament limited to first 200 registrants. Food available on site. Pizza, starting 11am.


 Mike Maguire,, 812-454-1675; 812-867-0975

 Craig Hines,, 812-423-2996.————————————————————————————————————


Player`s  name__________________________________________________

Player`s School_______________________________   Player's Grade_____

Section: 3rd and under_______ 6th and under_______8th and under______12th and under_____

Parent/Coach Name___________________________________________________

Phone:(_____)______________________ email_______________________________

Please MAIL Entry Form and payment to Craig Hines, 613 North Park Dr, Evansville, IN., 47710

This is a non USCF rated tournament.

Students may be able to get a bye if they're leaving early or leaving for an hour during the tournament and coming back. You must let us know 15 minutes BEFORE the round you'll miss is paired.


We will try to  constantly update the list of those entered below:

3rd and under

1. Rudr Patel-1-M

2. Will Weatherwax-3-M

3. Matthew Ethridge-3-M

4. Easten Streete-3-M

5. Oliver Mitchell-3-M

6. Elizabeth (Ellie) Bootz-3-M

7. Paxton Holley-2-O...............correct name is Paxton

8. Brayden Kapp-3-O

9. Austin Devine-?-HS

10. Oliver Lipscomb-1-M

11. Hudson Lipscomb-3-M

12. Nicholas Jones-2-M

13.Isaiah Doerner-3-M

14. Smith Bartley-2-S

15. Vivian Aurand-2-S

16. Amelia Earles-3-S

17. Harvey Chatmon-2-O

18. Ayden Dunn-3-M_______________________1-28

19. Weston Wallace-3-M______________2-3

20. Roman Schmitt-3-O

21. Isaiah Shelton-3-O

22. Adam Hall-2-S----------------------2-6

23. Kinley Davis-1-O

24. Andrew Burczyk-3-M

25. Elliot Coudret-K-M

26. Paxton Winn-1-M...................2-13

27. Jacob Reis-3-M.........2-19

28. Braedon Williams-3-O

29. Autin Yoder-2-M

30. Isabella Johnson-Sparling-2-M

31. Clark Jackson-K-C

32. Eli Rexing-2-C

33. Lucas Jackson-2-C

34. Alexis Bekerle-2-C

35. Rivers Morris-2-C

36. Will DeVoy-3-C

37. Finn Wilson-3-C....................2-22

38. Lee Icona-3-C.....2-23

39. Silas Smith-Vogel

40. Levi Garrett-2-M.......2-25

41. Oliver Ahmed-EDS......2-26

42. Moses Barber-EDS

43. Bane DeVoy-EDS

44. Leland Krampe-3-O

45. Bennett Gardner-2-M.........2-27

46. Charlotte Melvin-1-S

47. Liam Stevens-EDS

48. Kavin Ravichandran-Chandler-

49. Abram Wargel-Resurrection

50. James Pyle-1-Resurrection

51. Ruth Pyle-Resurrection.....2-28

52. Finn Hurley-3-C

53. Elijah Bryan-1-Corpus Christi.........3-2


We will likely have 6 rounds in the 3rd/6th and Under Divisions, lasting into mid afternoon! Including awards that will be less than 30 minutes each division. You can arrange for 1 bye if missing a round but MUST tell us before the previous round is over.

6th and under

1. Mason Gray-6-M

2. Cayden Cofer-5-M

3. Thomas Newton-6-M

4. Shiv Patel-5-M

5. Oliver Briles-4-M

6. Brendon Strickland-5-M

7. Addison Russel-6-S

8. Eli Wilson-4-S

9. Kendon Horn-4-S

10. Henry Johnson-O

11. Drew Cole-5-S

12. Owen Shelton-5-S

13. Daniel Ellerbrook-4-M

14. Max Dowdy-4-M

15. Jacob Aurand-5-S_________________1-28

16. Veer Patel-5-M

17. Alice Keefer-4-M

18. Wilsyn Duncan-6-T-removed from U3 and added to U6

19. Nelsun Duncan-5-T-removed from U3 and added to U6-------------------2-4

20. Anna Schmitt-5-O---------2-6

21. Dalton Wilson-4-M

23. Samuel Kaufman-4-S-------------2-8-----goes to Scott not Oak Hill-2-13

24. Elliott Bolan-5-O

25. Brice Maxwell-5-O

26. Skyler Davis-4-O

27. Kylie Davis-6-O

28. Eshaan Patel-6-M

29. Kael Winn-5-M...........2-13

30. Elliot Piekos-6-EDS..........2-15

31. Lydia Matherly-6-O

32. Taylor Dyson-5-O

33. Eli Driscoll-T

34. Michael Natero-4-M.............2-18

35. Sullivan Tyner-5-M

36. Luke Williamson-5-M........2-19

37. Brooklyn Berg-5-O

38. Dylan Yoder-5-M

39. Riley Bobbit-4-M

40. Bennett Minor-4-C

41. Wayland McDonald-4-C

42. Noah Jameson-4-C

43. Adrian Waldroup-4-C

44. Brooks Traylor-5-C

45. Braxton Clevelant-6-M.......2-22

46. Ethan Icona-5-C......2-23

47. Leo Do-5-O

48. Jaxson Redding-4-M

49. Chase Mofield-6-M

50. Kendrick Hacker-4-M

51. Liddy McGregor-Holy Cross, Princeton......2-25

52. Matthew Schimmell-Resurrection

53. Atharva Manojkumar-Newburgh

54. James Kulikovich-5-HS

55. Easton Riley-6-S..........2-27

56. Kaleb Hansen-West Terrace........2-28

57. Olivia Bryan-4-Corpus Christi

22. Jillian Dean-4-S................................CORRECTION TO CHANGE TO SCOTT SCHOOL

58. August Hirsch-6-Helfrich Park...........3-2

We played 4 rounds below. The place that each individual finished is the last number on each line.

8th and under

1. Isaac Jones-8-NJH-2

2,. Maddox Jones-7-NJH-1

3. Jimmy Brady-7-NJH-14

4. Hayden Devine-HS-3

5. Purab Patel-7-NJH-8

6. Rolyn Reitz-7-NJH-9

7, Kaden Wilson-7-NJH-6

8. Chase Baresic-7-NJH-absent

9. Doug Joslyn-MVJH-10

10. Isabella Benthall-MVJH-4

11. Charley May-MVJR-5

12. Nicole Jarboe-8-Good Shepherd-?

13. Jackson James-8-Helfrich Park-7

14. Elijah Nurrenbern-8-Helfrich Park-12

15. Keydan Hartman-8-Helfrich Park-13

16. Nate Pudleiner-8-NJH-11

17. Rook Hall-15

We expect 5 rounds in the 12U division, unless last minute entrants take us over 32. This could go to mid afternoon, including awards with this more contemplative age group taking a bit longer to finish games.

Update: A big surge has entrants at 34. If everybody shows up we MIGHT need 6 rounds but still might get by with 5 rounds.

12th and under

1. Ryan Houston-11-NHS___________________1-28

2. Roarke Graves-9-R

3. Tyler Beckerle-9-R

4. Reese Weinzapfel-9-R

5. Grant Weinzapfel-9-R

6. Alex Fiatt-12-R

7. Noah Nenneker-12-R

8. Nathan Nenneker-12-R

9. John Hackney-12-R

10. Owen Hackney-11-R

11.Lucie Wilson-10-R

12. Odin Fortune-12-R______________________2-6

13.  Johanna Fisher-10-R

14. Zachary Elliott-10-R

15. Walter Fisher-11-R

16. Joe Ward-12-NHS

17. Thinh Nguyen-11-NHS

18. Taylor Morgan-9-NHS-------corrected spelling of 1st name 2-20

19. Layne Jenkins-9-NHS

20. Vir Patel-9-NHS----------------------2-8........corrected spelling of 1st name

21. Carson Newton-SIG........2-19

22. Parth Patel-9-SIG

23. Allison Fish-12-Massachusetts

24. Anderson Fish-10-EDS

25. Nicholas Fish-9-EDS.......2-23

26. Norah Ahmed-EDS......2-25

27. Justin Long-9-New Tech........not paid

28. Norah Koehler-12-CHS..........not paid

29. Colten Greenlee-10-CHS..........not paid

30. Hunter Nowlan-12-CHS...........not paid

31. Shane Underwood-11-CHS.........not paid

32. Nhova Trask-Wright-9-CHS......not paid

33. Gabriel Thomasen-10-R

34. Greta Griffin-10-R.............2-28

20. Vir Patel-9-NHS---------------------3-2......corrected spelling of 1st name

S=Scott Elem  O=Oak Hill Elem  M=McCutchanville Elem

N=NJH or NHS  HS=Home School  T=Thompkins MS  R=Reitz HS

EDS=Evansville Day School   MVJH  Mt. Vernon JH   C=Cynthia Heights Elem

SIG=Signature HS  CHS=Central High School

By metmike - Jan. 17, 2023, 6:34 p.m.
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I'll be posting additional information about our tournament numbers and other chess informatio in this thread.

To actively participate at MarketForum, including asking questions please follow these instructions.

Easy to sign up and you can post anything you want about any topic that comes to mind.  Or you can do like most folks and just read without signing up.

                 Welcome to our forum    

By metmike - Jan. 17, 2023, 6:36 p.m.
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Compilation of wonderful educational chess videos/links:

                Chess videos for improving skills  


By metmike - Jan. 17, 2023, 7:40 p.m.
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There's more to life than just chess:

By metmike - Feb. 20, 2023, 12:41 p.m.
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Meet our TD, Craig Hines. Retired middle school science teacher with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corportation. 

Inducted into the Indiana State Chess Association's Hall of Fame last year!

Only 8 other individuals in Indiana chess  history have been given that prestigious award.

Hall of Fame Plaque

Archives - Indiana State Chess AssociationImage result for craig hines chess hall of fame

You might wonder...........what's a TD?

Here's an explanation from the US Chess Federation for USCF rated events, like many of the ones that Craig has been doing for years. 

Our tournament above is NOT USCF rated and especially encourages beginners. Well over half the students playing will be at their first tournament.

Tournament Director Certification Standards

By metmike - Feb. 20, 2023, 12:49 p.m.
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Meet my Dad, who still plays skillful chess(barely) at age 97. I give him my queen to start and we have some great battles.

He doesn't have any great chess world achievements to his credit..........except that he  taught his son(me) to play chess in 1966 because he wanted to share a fun game with the son that he loves......... and look what happened.

Never underestimate your seemingly limited power to have a positive impact on other individuals that blossoms into something much greater because that person passes it on and amplifies it in their encounters with new people!

Father teaches son chess, son teaches thousands of children

Never too old to learn new tricks

Frank Maguire, 90, plays a game of chess in his west Dearborn home. The nonagenarian taught his son, Mike, to play 50 years ago, and Mike in turn has taught scores of students the game as a chess coach in Indiana. Elizabeth Barbieri -- For The Press & Guide

By metmike - Feb. 26, 2023, 1:48 p.m.
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We're up to 129 entered, which exceeded my objective of 120.

7 schools that had chess programs in Vanderburgh and Posey county before COVID, no longer have chess, so we were expecting a huge drop from the 180 entered in  2020, the last year we had this tournament.

The March 7, 2020 date of the last tournament, was literally days before everything shut down from COVID. 

If it was scheduled for March 14, 2020, 1 week later,  I'd still have $800 worth of trophies/medals left and we would have had to refund 180 entry fees. Extremely lucky for us!!

By metmike - Feb. 26, 2023, 4:56 p.m.
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Students get 40 minutes to complete their games. Games not finished will feature both sides having 10 minutes each on their clock. 

If checkmate does not happen, the side with the clock that runs out of time loses.

33 Important Tournament Chess Clock Rules You Need To Know

By metmike - Feb. 27, 2023, 11:25 a.m.
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2-27: We increased the # of trophies!

(1st and under; 3 places)...... 4-6 get trophies

 •3rd and under: 10 Places....changed 11-20 get trophies

* 6th and under: 13 Places...changed 14-30 get trophies

• 8th and under: 6 Places, 7-10 get trophies

•12th and under: 8 Places, ...changed 9-18 get trophies

By metmike - March 1, 2023, 7:41 a.m.
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We’re over 150 now!

By metmike - March 2, 2023, 12:15 p.m.
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Up to 156 entered so far!

By metmike - March 6, 2023, 2:51 a.m.
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We had 160 students competing on Saturday and it went great.

We barely dodged the severe weather bullet!

Lot's of trees down and power outages in this area on Friday. Losing power at North Junior High would have meant cancelling the chess tournament.

Had the severe weather/heavy rains/fierce winds hit 1 day later, it would have wreaked havoc on our tournament, including a tornado warning for 30 minutes in the middle of it. 

A massive oak tree fell across our driveway the day before the tournament.

If that had happened 1 day earlier, it would have been challenging to get there. 

The evening before, we had 15+ people helping to set everything up.

I should have some pictures later this week.