The smartest man that Joe Biden knows
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Started by metmike - March 15, 2023, 6:37 p.m.

More on this smart man and his father(who's wrecking our country right now):

Bank failure from green investments and record high inflation from the increase in energy prices because of Biden's agenda that he blamed on "Putin's price hikes" and dealt with by increasing interest rates too fast to inappropriately react to  Bidens supply side caused inflation(and printing to much money by the Fed)


War with Russia:

Blowing up Russia's natural gas pipeline, heinous terrorist act of war,. Biggest release of methane, a NOT beneficial greenhouse gas X 80 vs CO2 which is greening up the planet:

Anti environmental, fake green energy/climate fraud/crony capitalism for political agenda using diffuse, intermittent energy forms that will roll back the incredible benefits of the industrial revolution in the United States and caused record high inflation from higher energy costs.

By metmike - March 15, 2023, 8:57 p.m.
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Tech & Science

Biden Says Climate Change Could Dry Up Colorado River. Is It Possible?


A warmer world is a WETTER world for most places.

The recent drought out West was entirely caused by the natural La Nina which is COLD water anomalies in the tropical Pacific.

Global warming causes more El Nino's, which is warm water and more rain out West

Increasing the temperature by 1 deg. C allows the atmosphere to hold 7% MORE moisture.

Empirical data and authentic facts don't lie though. The US is getting WETTER i most places.

A huge reason for the Colorado river to dry up is that too many millions of  people are using up the water. However, there has been a recent tendency to revert back to historical dryness in the Southwest part of the country.

Figure 1

Sierra Nevada 200-year megadroughts confirmed

Reno, Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada are no strangers to drought, the most famous being the Medieval megadrought lasting from 800 to 1250 A.D. when annual precipitation was less than 60 percent of normal. The Reno-Tahoe region is now about 65 percent of annual normal precipitation for the year, which doesn't seem like much, but imagine if this were the "norm" each and every year for the next 200 years.

Research by scientists at the University of Nevada, Reno and their partners at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego indicates that there are other instances of such long-lasting, severe droughts in the western United States throughout history. Their recent paper, a culmination of a comprehensive high-tech assessment of Fallen Leaf Lake -- a small moraine-bound lake at the south end of the Lake Tahoe Basin -- reports that stands of pre-Medieval trees in the lake suggest the region experienced severe drought at least every 650 to 1,150 years during the mid- and late-Holocene period.

By 12345 - March 17, 2023, 6:24 a.m.
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By metmike - March 17, 2023, 12:08 p.m.
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Thanks Jean,

The biggest factor defining him is having an extremely powerful, corrupt Daddy that constantly gave him unearned, elite level privileges and rewards, while enabling all of his failures and crimes by stepping in to remove all consequences. 

Most parents can understand unconditional love and doing whatever we need to in order to help our children to be successful or even just survive if they are in deep trouble.

However, Joe Biden blatantly violated his vows in office to the American people, time after time by resorting to blatant corruption  to manufacture unearned comforts in his degenerate son's life.

The quintessential example was with Ukraine.

VP Joe Biden had THE key leadership role assigned to him by that administration to fight corruption in Ukraine. It was tied to the billions of dollars, we tax payers were giving to Ukraine to fight widespread corruption. 

So VP President exploited that position. Instead of fighting corruption there, he sas a perfect opportunity to use it for his own self serving interests to create an extremely rewarding corrupt based high paying position for his son with 0 qualifications.

Hunter had no experience in the natural gas industry and no experience with Ukraine and suddenly he was a board member of a natural gas firm there. Then he had deals with China that appear to be just bribes for influence peddling. 

He took in many millions, while doing very little except existing as Joe Biden's son and getting paid for it.

Analysis of Hunter Biden's hard drive shows he, his firm took in about $11 million from 2013 to 2018, spent it fast

The hard drive and documents from Senate Republicans indicate few of Biden’s deals ever came to fruition and shed light on how fast he was spending his money.

From 2013 through 2018 Hunter Biden and his company brought in about $11 million via his roles as an attorney and a board member with a Ukrainian firm accused of bribery and his work with a Chinese businessman now accused of fraud, according to an NBC News analysis of a copy of Biden’s hard drive and iCloud account and documents released by Republicans on two Senate committees.

The documents and the analysis, which don’t show what he did to earn millions from his Chinese partners, raise questions about national security, business ethics and potential legal exposure.


Joe Biden insists that he never spoke to Hunter about his business dealings but we have pictures of Hunters  business partners that made travel arrangements. with Hunter to visit Joe as evidence of the influence peddling schemes. 

And there isn't any other way to interpret this. There is no credible alternate explanation. There is no credible evidence to support Joe and Hunters story. 

I'm against impeachment except for very extreme circumstances because of how divisive the process is.........just wait until the next election and let the American people speak but in this case, the violations are so egregious and provable that I would make an exception.

Much more than that though is that anybody else not protected, that did this would be facing a long sentence in prison for these crimes.

Both Hunter and especially Joe who was clearly  the king pin and most important cog in the Biden crime family wheel. 

By metmike - March 17, 2023, 12:32 p.m.
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Biden Family Members Received $1 Million in Chinese Funds through Hunter Biden Associate

Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden and an unknown fourth Biden received a total of $1.3 million in payments from accounts related to Biden family business associate Rob Walker in 2017 shortly after Walker received a $3 million wire from a Chinese energy company, House Oversight committee chairman James Comer revealed Thursday.

A spokesperson for Hunter Biden’s legal team accused Comer of taking “something old” and trying to “make it new by wrapping it in a wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy.”

In today's world, that's often the effective response/defense to authentic data and compelling proof by the side committing crimes and violating norms. Make a false narrative that  it's a "a wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy.” and you will immediately get almost every person on the left to believe you. 

No need to actually use critical thinking or look at the overwhelming evidence. If YOUR SIDE  uses the "wild and baseless right-wing conspiracy.” defense then your position is permanently etched in stone.

All the politicians will collude with each other to circle the wagons and the vast majority of time the media will be their mouthpiece and all they need to do is keep repeating the false narrative/rhetoric to reinforce the guilty sides brainwash.

Seriously, that's exactly how it works and this is their intentional strategy here.

They will be unable to provide legit evidence that proves these allegations false because there is none, so only this tactic will work. And it does work most of the time.

The right will take one side, the left the other side, while the totally guilty side will use this tactic every time. 

For those that want to make a case that Donald Trump did this or that or was even worse for X reasons. 

This has 0 to do with Trump. That justification would be like a response to a cat. 4 hurricane that obliterated a region by stating that a different cat. 5 hurricane a few years earlier did even more damage to another place, so we should ignore the more recent one and not send aid to help those people.

Biden did this completely independent of Trumps corruption or anybody else's corruption and should be held directly accountable for these actions based on absolute laws that apply to all people from both parties. 

By WxFollower - March 17, 2023, 5:07 p.m.
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Hey Mike,

 Regardless of how evil Trump has been, this is independent of Trump and thus you're raising points that I agree should be investigated without the influence of political bias. That's way easier said than done, unfortunately. I'd like to know more from as unbiased an investigation as is possible. The GOP obviously can't be trusted as it has it out for just about any Dem for political reasons and has had it out for Joe from the start. Plus it has become a party that believes or pretends to believe in the great delusion that Biden didn't really win in 2020.

 So, how do you go about getting this objectively investigated?

By metmike - March 17, 2023, 7:06 p.m.
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The GOP obviously can't be trusted as it has it out for just about any Dem for political reasons and has had it out for Joe from the start. Plus it has become a party that believes or pretends to believe in the great delusion that Biden didn't really win in 2020.

So, how do you go about getting this objectively investigated?

Thanks, Larry!

1. I totally get the divisiveness in our world but that's no reason to discount authentic facts and evidence.

2. There will never be a party that investigates itself.  All the investigations in today's  real world come from the opposite party. It's you and me that have to look at the  facts and evidence presented and use critical thinking to discern what makes sense, what is proven, what appears to be pure political bunk and what is impossible to tell based on not having enough information.  It's really not that hard to do when we apply our common sense vs what most people do in this current age.......believe the political side they align with. 

3. If you have already decided that this investigation is somehow part of a plot from people who believe that Biden didn't win............then it will be impossible to be objective and be able to see the authentic facts and evidence. However, I've seen you be very open minded and give objective insights with weighting to both sides of arguments on countless topics here so I know you can do it.

4. I started posting on this years ago in 2019, when his corruption first started coming out and well before any investigations or the 2020 election. Based entirely on authentic facts and evidence which is what I try to stick to.

5. I have a  wonderful  idea, Larry. Instead of giving reasons to discredit the sources of the evidence in this investigation and by doing that also discrediting their evidence only because they are republicans, buying into  the lefts "conspiracy theory defense" (every time they can't defend with legit facts-they attack the ones with the facts)......  how about actually challenging the validity of the evidence in the above threads. Most of it posted here BEFORE this investigation.

My favorite posts here are those that challenge me and the ones to learn the most from. 

Please read thru it at your convenience  and tell us what might  be wrong. Certainly there must be at least a few items 

Feel free to point out things that you agree with too. 

Thanks much!

By metmike - March 18, 2023, 12:34 a.m.
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 Speaking of the election, joj nailed his prediction of what Trump would do. I was thinking the left might cause the bigger riots.


I know that I just posted this in the previous thread but can't help posting it again because I was so, so, so wrong and joj was so, so  right and have to totally acknowledge it and to chuckle about it from the standpoint of  learning something and not having to pay a price for being wrong before the learning you pay a huge price when you are wrong about a trading position.

Constitutional Crisis?  (Trade related?)            

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                Started by joj - Aug. 15, 2020, 9:22 p.m.    

"Put it in NTR if you like Mike.

What about the election?  Trump is not only rigging it by gutting the USPS, but he's preparing the refusal to admit defeat due to a fraudulent election.  (He has state so multiple times). I can't imagine him admitting defeat."

Constitutional Crisis?  

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                Started by joj - Oct. 30, 2020, 9:44 p.m.                                           

Trump will pull all the stops to stop the vote count:   


I will vote for Biden            

                            5 responses |  

                Started by metmike - Nov. 1, 2020, 12:26 p.m.    

By metmike - March 22, 2023, 2:53 p.m.
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Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ countersuit could drag Joe’s reelection bid


There's almost no chance that Biden will run again. Any one of the 3 items below would disqualify a person.

1. He's extremely well passed his prime to the point of embarrassment at times.

2.  Even if he was 50 and in his prime many of his actions have caused problems or made existing problems worse.

3. The crystal clear corruption being discussed in this thread.

The media and politicians love to live in a manufactured reality for ratings/profits and votes. Trump has almost no chance either but this clown generates ratings for both sides, especially with 20 million republicans that have captured brains in his cult.


Polls like this show a disconnect with truths, even if  is true that people believe in retarded things because they WANT to believe in them.

Poll: Biden's standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters

By metmike - March 22, 2023, 2:54 p.m.
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Hunter Biden used FBI mole named ‘One-Eye’ to tip him off to China probes: tipster

By metmike - March 22, 2023, 8:56 p.m.
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VP Biden's office tried to quash Bloomberg story about Hunter Biden at his firm's request, emails show 

President of Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca asked VP's office to 'urge' Bloomberg against running since-deleted story

By metmike - March 22, 2023, 9:02 p.m.
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Jean-Pierre attacks GOP ‘lies’ about Biden family China biz — despite bank records showing transfers


“Look, I’m just not going to respond to that from here. Look, we have heard from House Republicans for years and years and years how, how — the inaccuracies and lies when it comes to this issue,” Jean-Pierre said. 

“And I don’t even know where to begin to even answer that question. Because, again, it’s been lies and lies and inaccuracy for the past couple of years and I’m just not going to get into it from here,” Jean-Pierre added.




By 12345 - March 23, 2023, 7 a.m.
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By metmike - March 23, 2023, 2:07 p.m.
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Its frustrating.

however, being The chess coach to over 300 kids this year keeps me optimistic.

not just about the future in observing these, mostly wonderful and extremely bright kids but also about the present because of their parents caring so much. supporting them, me and our chess program.

the 5 schools I’m at are terrific and have some great teachers.

however, we are in somewhat of a paradise in some of the schools/districts around here. 

We/they stand out and shine brightly and could serve as role models for other schools around the country.

im extraordinarily blessed to have landed here decades ago after growing up in Detroit!

Now back to the real world outside of my utopia/island.

yes, we are headed towards disaster.

energy, economic, political, crime, social, environmental foreign policy…….it’s all coming apart at the seams With no authentically defined objectives Or well defined honest and constructive game plans.

Often  controlled by a bunch of greedy, power hungry charlatans with self enriching agendas that serve as message gatekeepers, colluding with the dying media that capitalizes on opportunities to survive by sensationalizing and being influenced by controlling financial interests as well providing an ideal environment to use their voice/words to impose personal ideologies and belief system on readers/viewers. 

By metmike - March 24, 2023, 7:15 a.m.
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I’m sorry about the psychopath in your life.  I hope the situation works out ASAP.

It’s easy for me  to give advice, especially having no clue about what’s actually happening but try to focus on the frame of mind that you always have choices and power even when it feels like you’re trapped.

Recognize, then minimize  engagement in toxic verbal conversations and non productive conversations.

accept certain elements that you can’t change and don’t take things personal, especially when you are being targeted with personal attacks.

I know this is almost impossible to do but the realization that you are not letting a person control or abuse the relationship to intentionally drag you down with them can be one of the most powerful feelings to know.

you can still be kind to people that don’t deserve kindness But do it for you If they don’t respond.

a person being really mean to us, triggers an instinctive impossible to ignore desire to respond in kind.

this cascades into a vicious positive feedback dynamic if you just go with pure human emotions. 

realizing this and committing to not allowing them to make us a psychological  victim because we control our minds and thinking NOT them, can be an extremely empowering feeling if achieved vs always feeling bad when we let them drag us down.

im just stating some general things for everybody not suggesting that  I know anything about specifics in your case.

never ever tolerate physical abuse because  this takes away 100% of our power, which is why they do it.

when I was a power lifter that could bench press 350 lbs, (with some boxing experience)I was deeply in love with a woman in college with a really bad temper who would hit me hard when angry. I had some bad behaviors not related to us that she wanted to control by hitting me.

I would easily defend myself but sometime slap her leg hard enough to really sting, not in anger but say “this is what it feels like, so stop hitting  me immediately  because  it’s not going to change anything and I can take way more pain and dish out way more pain than you can”

that Kept it from escalating because she realized I was still in control but only because I was so much physically superior.

in most cases, it’s time to get out, especially if the much stronger person-man is physically dishing out abuse For control. Really serious injuries and death can happen because of the uncontrolled, impulsive physical rage of a psychopath that wants to control you.

im sure you‘re the type of person who would not let this happen but am just stating a general principle For people in love with somebody like this.


human emotions, especially love and hate can be the most,powerful drivers of our thinking and actions.

hate is the most destructive.

love, when we are not enabling abuse can be the most constructive.

i find it a constant challenge to not hate trump or Biden  or Putin or others when contemplating the diabolical things they did And honestly can’t not feel that way sometimes.

however, it usually hurts the hater far more than the hated. I know Jean has professed this befor.e.

By 12345 - March 24, 2023, 12:55 p.m.
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MM "however, it usually hurts the hater far more than the hated. I know Jean has professed this befor.e."



By metmike - March 24, 2023, 11:43 p.m.
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By metmike - March 25, 2023, 10:24 p.m.
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National Archives just torpedoed Joe Biden's 'I know nothing' defense

President Biden has continued to deny that he was part of any dealings with companies and countries that benefitted his family

By metmike - March 26, 2023, 1:32 p.m.
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A bombshell Biden story — and the media dutifully ignore it

Unlike many “bombshells” during the Trump administration, the latest potential bombshell story out of Washington, which may involve President Biden, was based not on “sources close to the White House” or “an unnamed administration official” but, rather, on receipts.

Bank record receipts, to be precise.

To unpack this, Hunter Biden, the president’s son, is already under federal investigation over his financial dealings. But this is a fresh and potentially scandalous story. 

What services did Hunter Bidenprovide to a Chinese energy company that warranted him getting paid more than $500,000 between March and May 2017? What services did the president’s brother, James Biden, provide to warrant $360,000 between March and May 2017?

 Most eyebrow-raising of all, what services did Hallie Biden, the president’s daughter-in-law, a private-school guidance counselor, provide that warranted her earning $25,000 during that period?

A review of ABC’s “This Week,” CBS’s “Face the Nation,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” and CNN’s “State of the Union” found that those shows dedicated more than 46 minutes to the potential Trump indictment. Contrast that with the Biden bank records story, which received no coverage on those shows — a complete blackout.  

That’s what media observers call the bias of omission — when news organizations ignore a newsworthy story.