Trump town hall on CNN
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Started by WxFollower - May 11, 2023, 8:09 a.m.

 Donald Trump was featured on CNN last night in a town hall. A good number of Dems feel this shouldn't have been aired. I disagree with these Dems:

By metmike - May 11, 2023, 7:19 p.m.
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Thanks a ton, Larry!

This was extremely interesting.

You know that CNN would not have done something that they didn't think would benefit CNN.

This seemed very risky because it surely ticked off the vast majority of viewers who come to CNN to hear them bash Trump and absolutely not to give him an opportunity to speak out.

Those that want to see Trump in a venue like this are Fox viewers.

However, there are several elements to consider.

Trump is always his own worst enemy. He always lies in every interview and with this one, he would be asked the questions the interviewer intentionally picked to bring out lies that would make him look bad by his responses.

On the Insurrection, he referred to the people as being there "with love in their hearts and it being a beautiful day"

This one minute of his 60 minutes is conclusive evidence of what I'm claiming about Trumps mental condition.

He has completely lost touch with reality in an extremely pathological, clinically/medically significant way that would be harmless if he was a homeless guy or living with minimal contact with people that could be impacted by his mental illness.

Being the president of the United States will do the exact opposite. Maximize the negative impact of his mental illness on the citizens of this country.

He will be Just adding to the accumulating damage that he's done already by poisoning brains against the trust of the most important process of our democracy......elections.  

Our great country doesn't need a mentally deranged, very divisive, hateful liar for president.

The one we have now is bad enough!

By metmike - May 11, 2023, 7:40 p.m.
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This also had a positive impact for Biden.

Just like Alvin Bragg filing charges against Trump caused the right to come alive in vehemently defending Trump and whenever he gets attacked by the left, it just makes him more popular with his base. 

They don't see facts. They see their guy getting attacked. 

Biden, when seen independent of anything else but facts about Biden's performance, mental skills and corruption , is getting hurt badly in the polls. 

If Biden ran as Joe Biden, he would lose to anybody else on the right.

In recent years, Biden's been in the hot seat and getting scrutinized for Biden decisions and behavior and though Trump is still there........he's not getting nearly the attention.

There is no question that CNN knows that this interview with Trump was  a huge  boost for  Joe Biden. 

With these 2 candidates, this will be the 3rd election in a row that is determined by getting more votes because the loser is hated more than the WINNER!

You win, not by being qualified but by NOT being the other hated person.

The more you get people to hate the other person, the more votes you get.

 People watching Donald Trump last night, with his cheering MAGA crowd were vividly reminded of reasons to vote for NOT Donald Trump. In this case........Joe Biden suddenly looks better than he did before comparing him to Donald Trump.

the content below is from the post at the link above:

It's indisputable that the winner of the 2020 election was........

NOT Donald Trump!!

Joe Biden as Joe Biden has horrible numbers right now and there's almost no way that he will run just because of that, not even considering his faltering cerebral skills but if he did and Donald Trump was his opponent, he would be like Clark Kent going into a phone booth and coming out as ..............NOT Donald Trump!!!!!

July 11, 2022:


But just let Donald Trump run again in 2024 and Joe will change back  into.............

In fact, anybody that runs against Trump will be.........

I discovered this early in the evening when investigating facts related to Trump and Bidens unfavorable ratings.

Trump surging in Republican voter polls, sinking with Americans

 April 12, 2023

I looked back and the last election was almost this bad but Trump is now slightly worse with less favorable and Biden modestly worse in both categories:

Americans' Views of 2020 Presidential CandidatesNext, we'd like to get your overall opinion of some people in the news. As I read each name, please say if you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of that person -- or if you have never heard of them.
 FavorableUnfavorableNo opinion
Donald Trump41572
Joe Biden46504
Mike Pence41509
Kamala Harris424315
Gallup, Aug. 31-Sep. 13, 2020

The same thing defined the 2016 election too. Both candidates had higher UNfavorable ratings compared to favorable.

Before 2016, this was completely unheard of! (other than Barry Goldwater in 1964).

Look at the graph below. In the past, it was the total opposite. The bottom half of the candidates below had at least double the favorable vs unfavorable rating. 

The bottom 8 had around a 4 times more favorable vs unfavorable opinion.  The bottom 3 were around 6 times more favorable vs unfavorable.

This is absolute proof of a monumental problem for US politics in this age!!!

Candidates  since 2016 are literally winning presidential elections by NOT being the other person.

Nominees, 1956-2016Based on U.S. adults; ranked by % total unfavorable
 NomineeTotal favorableTotal unfavorable
  % (+1 to +5)% (-1 to -5)
2016 Nov 2-5D. Trump3661
2016 Nov 2-5H. Clinton4752
1964 Oct 8-13B. Goldwater4347
2012 Oct 27-28M. Romney5543
1972 Oct 13-16G. McGovern5541
2004 Oct 22-24J. Kerry5740
1992 Oct 23-25G.H.W. Bush5940
2004 Oct 22-24G.W. Bush6139
2012 Oct 27-28B. Obama6237
1980 Oct 10-13R. Reagan6437
2008 Oct 23-26B. Obama6235
2008 Oct 23-26J. McCain6335
1984 Sep 21-24W. Mondale6634
1992 Oct 23-25B. Clinton6433
1980 Oct 10-13J. Carter6832
1956 Oct 18-23A. Stevenson6131
1984 Sep 21-24R. Reagan7130
1968 Oct 17-22H. Humphrey7228
1968 Oct 17-22R. Nixon7922
1972 Oct 13-16R. Nixon7621
1976 Sep 24-27G. Ford7820
1960 Oct 18-23R. Nixon7916
1976 Sep 24-27J. Carter8116
1960 Oct 18-23J. Kennedy8014
1964 Oct 8-13L. Johnson8113
1956 Oct 18-23D. Eisenhower8412
No data for 1988, 1996 and 2000


So the obvious effective strategy much of the time  in recent years is to run negative ads to try to get you to hate the other person and NOT vote for them by choosing  the candidate who's running against the NOT  for them person!

I seriously would like to get comments about this from others. It seems to be a profoundly revealing negative fact about our politics and our world in 2023.

The last 6 candidates running against each other in the last 3 elections 2016-2020-2024(though I would bet it WON'T be those 2 in 2024) had higher UNfavorable ratings.

Other than Barry Goldwater in 1964,  before 2016, even the weakest candidate ever was +12 to the favorable side.

If things are the same in 2024, it means the last 3 presidential elections were won by a person that more people didn't like than that liked them(gave them a favorable rating)!!

1 time and it might be considered an outlier.

2 times back to back should have got our attention

3 consecutive elections like this and it defines a really, really bad, dysfunctional government and leaders in our country.

It also screams out that we should NOT be running either of these 2 guys. With an extremely high unfavorable rating, it guarantees divisiveness.

By metmike - May 11, 2023, 7:54 p.m.
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CNN tops 3 million viewers during Trump Town Hall

CNN has taken a bevy of criticism over its decision to host the event with Trump, with leading Democrats and media watchdogs panning the network for providing Trump a platform to promote false assertions about the 2020 election and other matters.



1. How many people watching Trump on CNN last night decided to believe him or vote for him?

2. How many people watching Trump on CNN last night were reminded  of why they will vote for anybody but Donald Trump?

CNN was brilliant in doing this for these reasons.

1. It gave them a ratings bump which means they made more money from it........their business is making money.

2. It made them appear to be very objective by giving the opposing party air time. Maybe they were being sincere in doing this. That's possible. 

3. They gave Joe Biden a big boost by giving their viewers a reason to support him because he's NOT Donald Trump. Using the strategy described in detail on the previous page extremely effectively.........while making money. Even if it did tick off many regular viewers that were probably offended by having to watch somebody that normal viewers intentionally pick CNN to avoid watching. 

There were viewers that normally watch Fox tuned into CNN last night to see this........for 1 night. 

I agree strongly with Larry on this!

By metmike - May 12, 2023, 1:44 a.m.
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After watching CNN much of the evening and the discussions focusing on Trump, it's clear they did this intentionally to expose him and the upsetting of their viewers was also a wake up call to do everything possible to keep this guy from being president again.

They clearly were not interested in providing  air time so that viewers would  see another choice and decide whether that one was better.

It was the 100% polar opposite. 

They invited Trump and a MAGA audience to intentionally get people outraged and increase the hatred for Donald Trump. it worked extremely impressively.

That's how you win presidential elections in this age.

Last night, the Donald Trump, deranged man running for president with adoring cheerleaders show resulted in the NOT Donald Trump voters going up.

Today on CNN, there was not 1 positive comment about Trump, just many dozens slamming him and playing  dozens of clips from the show last night as evidence of what a deranged liar and completely out of touch he is.

If they were seriously concerned about upsetting viewers on Wednesday Night by putting Trump on, their behavior tonight proves otherwise.

Instead of hiding the video/interview so viewers wouldn't be even more upset, they did the opposite.

They  flaunted the interview all evening on several shows,   with lots of clips and vigorous condemnation of him each time.

Yep, this was obviously contrived with a successful outcome .

He provided numerous horrifying sound  bites that have been playing in the media and  on the internet that expose him. Just like CNN wanted.

Here's another one:

Trump urges GOP to let catastrophic debt default happen if Dems don’t accept cuts

By metmike - May 12, 2023, 1:55 a.m.
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Hello, He Lied: CNN Goes After Trump Lovers – and Fox Viewers – With a Fabrication-Filled Town Hall

No doubt CNN will indeed enjoy a sweet if short-lived ratings boost from this atrocity of a broadcast. But chasing after MAGA viewers is, of course, a dangerous game, as Fox News itself knows all too well.


The author of that article is confused and got the objective of CNN completely wrong.

If they were really courting MAGA people, they wouldn't have spent the entire evening, tonight, 1 day later....every show had a lengthy discussion and every show  severely bashed MAGA people and especially their leader. Not 1 positive comment.

By metmike - May 12, 2023, 2:39 a.m.
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Trump celebrates CNN town hall ratings: ‘Many minds were changed’

“People are criticizing CNN for giving me a Forum to tell the TRUTH. I believe it was a very smart thing that they did, with Sky High Ratings that they haven’t seen in a very long time,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “It was by far the biggest Show of the night, the week, and the month!”

"CNN has also received massive backlash for its decision, as prominent Democratic figures and media watchdogs grilled the network for giving Trump a platform to continue to spew false claims about the 2020 election"


Trump's galaxy sized ego has him thinking he was using the show as a platform.

No way!  CNN set him up. He sounded like a fool most of the night and CNN used it all evening against him.

His massive ego caused him to fall into the trap and he still doesn't realize that he was HURT much more than helped with that show. 

How can we know that.

Do a search of articles about this on the internet. Outside of a few outlier republican sites, most of the dozens of other sources go to town on Trump and/or CNN for even having the audacity to have this guy on. 

Lots of people watched but the vast majority are much more inclined to vote NOT Donald Trump in this next coming election. 

What in tar-nation does he think he said to change minds?

The biggest change was for CNN viewers/libs to hate him more and the undecided watching to have a reason to start hating him. 


Trump destroyed CNN. But CNN still won

Like 2016, there’s a reason the entire legacy media will work to elevate Trump as the face of the Republican Party and American conservatism: They think he’s the easiest to beat. And unlike 2016, they have a winning strategy to beat Trump: remind as many people as possible why they didn’t vote for him last time.           

While many are pointing to a gleeful Democratic Party that will be frantically churning out clips of the town hall event to attack Trump, they’re missing the actual danger.

           During his town hall event, Trump essentially allowed CNN to frame his candidacy.

           Rather than presenting nothing but a relentless anti-Biden platform that looks to address the issues that actually matter to voters, such as the economy, illegal immigration, and law and order, CNN framed Trump in the context of Jan. 6, rape allegations, and the exhausting aftermath of the 2020 election.           

Moving forward, if Trump wants to win the general election in 2024, and not just the GOP primary, he has to wrestle back control of his own narrative.


Trump was set up. CNN knows that Trump is his own worse enemy. They baited him with the questions they picked to get the answers they knew he would give and he responded perfectly for them.

The author of this opinion piece thinks Trump destroyed CNN. Obviously he's part of the cult.