Biden gonna put a coal-fired power plant out of business?
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Started by 12345 - May 22, 2023, 1:47 p.m.
By metmike - May 22, 2023, 2:02 p.m.
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Thanks, Jean!

More on that:

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Biden EPA Unveils New CO2 Crackdown On Coal & Natural Gas Power Plants – Claim to achieve ‘climate and public health benefits’


Last July, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA doesn't have the authority to regulate CO2 emissions. 

The Supreme Court curbed EPA’s power to regulate carbon emissions from power plants. What comes next?

July 19, 2022 – In late June, the Supreme Court issued a ruling stating that the Environmental Protection Agency cannot put state-level caps on carbon emissions under the 1970 Clean Air Act. Such authority would, in effect, steer states away from coal and toward other types of power sources that emit less carbon. The Court said that, instead, the authority to decide how power is created in the U.S. must come from Congress.

    The Supreme Court’s EPA Ruling, Explained                       What the West Virginia v. EPA decision means for the agency, climate action, and the future of federal protections.                                                

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency is a setback to the EPA’s ability to curb carbon pollution. The 6-to-3 decision holds that the agency’s authority to implement a key part of the Clean Air Act doesn’t include directing power plants to shift from dirty sources of energy, such as coal, to cleaner ones like wind and solar.

The Court’s majority got there through a sweeping new “major questions doctrine,” with broad implications. But the decision still leaves the EPA with significant authority to use the same part of the Clean Air Act to set technology-based standards that make power plants operate more cleanly.


So the EPA gave the Supreme Court the middle finger and instead, imposed technology-based standards that require power plants to install extremely expensive carbon capture technology to remove CO2 instead(that is not even being used yet).  The extreme cost of that technology, in essence means that coal powered plants will have to go bye bye because there's no way they can afford it........ which is what the EPA wants to accomplish. 

My wife is part of a group with a new invention. A very affordable carbon capture technology that will save the coal industry(and help other CO2 emitters, like cement plants). After it makes its debut, which will be late this month?  I'll be able to reveal the details.

This will save the coal industry, with a good chance of the US building new coal plants. 

The United States has 24% of the worlds coal reserves. It's completely insane for us to not be using that for efficient, clean coal energy independence. ....AND WE WILL!


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Just to elaborate more on what the new EPA ruling means:

Biden's EPA proposes crackdown on power plant carbon emissions

The proposal would limit how much carbon dioxide power plants, which are the source of more than a quarter of U.S. emissions, can chuff into the atmosphere, putting the industry on a years-long course to install billions of dollars of new equipment or shut down. 

Environmental groups and scientists have long argued that such steps are crucial to curb global warming, but fossil fuel-producing states argue that they represent government overreach and threaten to destabilize the electric grid.

The proposal sets standards that would push power companies to install carbon capture equipment (CCS) that can siphon the CO2 from a plant’s smokestack before it reaches the atmosphere, or use super-low-emissions hydrogen as a fuel.

The Environmental Protection Agency projects the plan would cut carbon emissions from coal plants and new gas plants by 617 million tonnes between 2028 and 2042, the equivalent of reducing the annual emissions of 137 million passenger vehicles.


This will be tenaciously opposed!

In fact, the Supreme Court ruled last Summer, 6-3 that the EPA didn't have the power to do this, so there will be some strong legal challenges.

As the battle goes on in the courts, politics and science world,  this cheap,  new carbon capture technology from my wife's company will revolutionize the industry. Ironically, these currently impossible to meet regulations using carbon capture........will actually drive massive new business to my wife's company.

This is NOT speculation. It's already happening but you just don't know about it.......yet.


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