Congress getting rich from lobby bribes
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The combined net worth of the 50 richest members of Congress is $4.8 Billion. With an annual salary of $174k, they would have to work 27,500 years to earn that much money.  The highest positions of our government, on both sides of the aisle, are abusing their power for personal financial gain. How are we allowing this to happen?




Top Industries    

Practically every industry and special interest area hires lobbyists to represent and defend their interests in Washington, D.C.  But some industries frequently employ a special breed of lobbyist: those who previously worked for the federal government they're now  tasked with lobbying.            

Some of these "revolving door" lobbyists once toiled as low-level congressional staffers or entry-level bureaucrats. Plenty more,  however, worked within government's upper ranks, serving as top agency officials, congressional chiefs of staff and even as members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.            

The chart below details which industries and special interest areas most frequently use lobbyists who have spun through the revolving  door of federal politics and government:

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This group is bribing our politicians to support the Ukraine war!!

Over 500 Former Government Officials Are Now Lobbying for Defense Contractors

Dozens of armed services committee and Defense Department personnel swung through the “revolving door” in 2023.

Prepared by Senator Elizabeth Warren
April 2023
Pentagon Alchemy:
How Defense Officials Pass Through the
Revolving Door and Peddle Brass for Gold

III. Findings
A. Top Defense Contractors Hire Hundreds of Former Government Officials, Most
as Lobbyists. This analysis identified 672 cases in 2022 in which the top 20 defense contractors had
former government officials, military officers, Members of Congress and senior legislative staff

B. Defense Industry Consolidation Increases the Risks from Big Corporations Abuse
of the Revolving Door

The sheer size of America’s military budget provides ample and lucrative opportunities
for former government officials. Last year Congress gave the DoD over $851 billion in total
funding.19 The DoD is also the largest federal contracting agency: of the total $692.3 billion in
contracts awarded by the federal government in FY 2021, 61 percent were awarded by DoD
amounting to $386.9 billion.20 Almost 40 percent of this was awarded to just 10 defense

C. Big Defense Contractors Hired the Most Revolving Door Lobbyists and Stocked
Their Boards Stocked with Government Officials

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Talk about mega hypocrisy by Congress!

Clarence Thomas Supreme Court financial disclosure shows flights paid for by GOP megadonor

Key Points

  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in a financial disclosure said that Republican megadonor Harlan Crow paid for his travel expenses and meals on at least three occasions last year.
  • Thomas has come under intense scrutiny following reports about years of previously undisclosed luxury trips that he accepted from Crow, a real estate billionaire.
  • Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito filed his own annual financial disclosure form around the same time. The other seven justices filed months earlier.

Thomas, the longest-serving member of the current Supreme Court, has been bludgeoned with criticism from judicial oversight groups and mostly Democratic lawmakers in the wake of the revelations about his trips.

Multiple watchdogs have called for an investigation into Thomas, whose controversies have spurred a new push for the high court to adopt a binding code of ethics. The Senate Judiciary Committee has urged Chief Justice John Roberts to launch a probe of Thomas, and warned that it may consider taking legislative action.

Some Republicans have also leapt to the defense of the staunchly conservative justice.


Congress gets rich, using their political position for self enrichment and even worse, to be legally bribed/influenced by lobbying entities,  then goes after Thomas for something that represents a tiny fraction of what they do.

I'm not defending Thomas(this should not be allowed), just pointing out the incredible hypocrisy shown by those going after him for political reasons. 

By metmike - Sept. 7, 2023, 8:19 a.m.
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Related to this. 

Hunter Biden was making a career in the business described on the previous page as  a LEGAL  lobbyist in the U.S. 

That was,  until his VP dad became the point man for Ukraine corruption.

The 2 of them,  saw a much more lucrative but dishonest way to get rich quick.

They came up with a plan for Hunter to go to Ukraine and apply his bribing skills on the corrupt Ukrainians using influence peddling schemes.

Hunter used his dad's influence (selling the Biden brand as  Devon Archer testified to under oath) and constant interactions to bribe numerous corrupt  entities in Ukraine and other countries. This resulted in the Bidens being paid 10s of millions of dollars that was laundered thru shell companies to make it extremely hard to track. 

This is ILLEGAL. Money laundering and not paying taxes is ILLEGAL and that doesn't even speak to the tactics being used to generate the money. 

At the very least, Hunter was acting as a foreign lobbyist, practicing illegally because he never registered as required.

                Biden corruption/coverup 10+ times worse than Watergate            

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I'm not making a case to impeach Joe right now. However, when corruption at the expense of the American people takes places, it needs to be exposed or else it serves to reward corruption and encourage MORE corruption. 

This especially includes the DOJ's role which is the worst part. Them abusing their power to cover up the corruption.

If the law enforcement agencies are corrupt and enforcing laws based on picking and choosing who to prosecute and who to give a free pass to based on politics, it MUST BE exposed.

Not doing so is positive reinforcement for those corrupt entities to operate with impunity. 

By cutworm - Sept. 8, 2023, 7:43 a.m.
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This is what a large portion of people believe. as evidenced by the popularity of the song 

"Rich Men North of Richmond"

59 million views on you tube in 4 weeks

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Who is Oliver Anthony?

      Rich Men North Of Richmond LYRICS - Anthony Oliver

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It's likely that without this going on and without the existence of the enormous power and influence of the military industrial complex in the United States...........there would be no war in Ukraine right now!

                War in Ukraine drags on 9-3-23            

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