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Since you brought up the threat to his life, this person, Clay Morris fled the US with his wife, so that they could not be prosecuted for the ponzi scheme real estate scams that he used to make millions on dozens of individual investors in the state of Indiana.

He's been living in Portugal since 2019, not because of the threat to his life but to avoid prosecution/ be held accountable for ripping people off in the United States.

 And where he can continue to scam people by telling them secrets like this, about human trafficking in the US(where he doesn't even live anymore) that only he knows and pretending to expose things that nobody else will tell us about.

This included selling his fraudulent secrets to real estate schemes without being subject to US laws.

For me, the most powerful item is that after all this evidence of fraud emerged, he and his wife, after living in the U.S. their entire lives, fled to Portugal and continue to live down there. Not only does that strongly indicate guilt but the guy doesn't even live in and pay taxes (or follow laws) in the country that he pretends to be so concerned about in his videos.

He is making alot of money from Portugal, selling his real estate videos.

Former 'Fox & Friends' Host Accused of Running Ponzi Scheme Flees U.S. for Portugal


Clayton Morris Reviews – Scammed Investors (2023 Update)          

                                        April 28, 2023   


The website details a discussion that, according to Mr. Morris, changed his life. He was sitting next to a real estate investor on a trip to New Zealand a number of years ago when he discovered the couple was on a two-month holiday after generating money by buying houses, remodeling them, and renting them out. According to Clayton Morris Reviews, we can know that he is on the website, “I made it my goal to follow in his footsteps from that point on.”With a nine-session online curriculum offered at a discounted initial price of $697, Mr. Morris claims that he is encouraging investors to follow in his footsteps.

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Why did he flee to Portugal of all countries?

I looked at their taxing system and have a good reason which completely explains it for a person like him.


Portugal NHR Explained (Non Habitual Resident Tax Regime)



                                        There’s another reason why Portugal attracts thousands of foreigners to its Atlantic shorelines each year, and it’s to do with a three-letter word called NHR. The Non-Habitual Resident program is a tax regime that lets ex-pats and investors enjoy reduced tax rates and get exempted on some taxes.  You can learn more here:   https://www.globalcitizensolutions.co...

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This is NOT to say that child trafficking is not a very serious problem in our world......it is!

However, it looks like Charlatan Morris, is using it, the same way that Tucker Carlson bamboozles his unsuspecting viewers........pretending that he knows secrets that nobody else does and  we have to watch/listen to them to get the scoop as they expose nefarious entities because nobody else will tell you the secrets/truths.

The 2 most convincing charlatan schemes that people like this use are based on this:

1. Telling people what they want to hear/read

2. Telling people that they have powerful secrets that are being hidden from you by diabolical entities and only they will fill you in and expose the evil. 

Redacted – Bias and Credibility


Overall, we rate Redacted Right Biased and Questionable based on promoting conspiracies, pseudoscience, propaganda, false claims, and failed fact checks.

Detailed Report

Questionable Reasoning: Conspiracy Theories, Pseudoscience, Propaganda, False claims, Failed Fact Checks
Bias Rating: RIGHT
Factual Reporting: MIXED
Country: Portugal
Press Freedom Rank: EXCELLENT
Media Type: Website/Podcast
Traffic/Popularity: Medium Traffic
MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

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Thanks, Jean!

This was only meant to provide useful information about this guy.

The topic of child trafficking is good one for us to discuss here and I appreciate you bringing it up!

 Child Trafficking Statistics                                        

 27% of trafficking victims are children.


Children are 4 times more likely to be trafficked for labor rather than sex

66% of child trafficking victims are girls. (Save the Children, 2020)

99% of victims trafficked for sexual exploitation are women and girls. (IBLA, 2019)


 Countries affected by trafficking                            

Labor trafficking affects every country in the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region, where 1 in every 250 people are victims. (IBLA, 2019)

7 in 10 victims of sexual exploitation in the world are trafficked in the Asia-Pacific. (IBLA, 2019)




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| |

What is Child Sex Trafficking?


Child sex trafficking is human trafficking of a child for sexual exploitation. Trafficking can look many different ways. The common misconception is that trafficking is the shackling and caging of older teen girls and women forced through slavery. Slavery can be a form of trafficking; historically, it was the primary way it occurred. However, it is becoming more common for trafficking to occur amid the norms of our society. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing organized crime activity in the United States. Estimating 250,000 children per year are victims of sex trafficking. Most older children are trafficked while still going to school and living at home!

What is Child Sexual Abuse?


Sexual abuse is when a child is involved in any form sexual act or content with an adult or an older child. It can involve both physical contact and non-contact abuse. Often children are’nt forced into the sexual situation but instead persuaded, bribed, tricked, or coerced. They might not understand that it’s wrong or that what’s happening is abuse (especially initially). And they might be afraid to tell someone. Sexual abuse is a type of child exploitation and can happen anywhere or at any age.

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I really appreciate you bringing this topic to our attention.

The fastest growing criminal industry in the world is the buying and selling of people


If you think of this crime and these victims in the same manner a predator does, as a product or commodity, the rapid increase makes sense; a person can be sold for a sex act numerous times while a drug or weapon can only be sold once. The internet has also allowed this crime to scale at an incredible pace.


  The average age of entry into the sex trade is 15 years old for females, it is believed to be younger for males


What is every 15-year-old looking for? Love, understanding and acceptance, couple that with low self-esteem and it creates a perfectly vulnerable target.


    Icon of a young girl and young boy




    icon of United states with American Flag in the middle


Child Sex Trafficking has been reported in all 50 states


This is no longer a crime that lives overseas despite what popular movies portray. This is a domestic problem requiring a national community-wide response.

55% of survivors report that they attended school at some point during their exploitation


Victims of this crime exist in society like everyone else, they walk into the same grocery stores, gas stations and down the same sidewalks.


    icon of school bus




    icon of a hand with a ? on top


44% of victims reported no one reached out and offered them help out of “the life” with another 26% reporting rarely ever being offered help


We as a community must do better. It is time to educate our population and be willing to say something when we see something that looks suspicious.

The majority of buyers are male


There is no specific profile of a buyer. Buyers (aka Johns, tricks or dates) come from all backgrounds, races, ages and work forces. It is not uncommon for them to be married with children.


    icon of men from all walks of life

What does Sex Trafficking Look Like?    

Sex Trafficking can look a multitude of ways, every predator and victim have a unique story. The only common factor is that no one is immune. This crime effects those from every socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity and background. A history of child abuse, foster care or running away does increase the susceptibility of becoming a victim of sex trafficking, however, in that same vain not all victims share this background.

Indicators of Human Trafficking   

Victims of human trafficking function and exist in society in the same manner as you and me. This is not a crime that solely exists in some deep dark basement. Victims walk into the same restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores as everyone else.

Know the indicators and if you notice multiple or something that does not look or feel right report it.     

Victims of human trafficking function and exist in society in the same manner as you and me. This is not a crime that solely exists in some deep dark basement. Victims walk into the same restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores as everyone else.

Know the indicators and if you notice something that does not look or feel right report it.                        

The Fight Law Enforcement is Up Against    

By definition Law Enforcement exists to enforce laws making it difficult for them to intervene in potential trafficking situations online before a law has been broken. Law Enforcement also operate within jurisdictions. The transient nature of this crime allows traffickers to easily evade Law Enforcement by consistently moving from one jurisdiction to the next. The Counter Trafficking Training Guardian Group provides free to law enforcement across the nation exists to equip officers with the tools to proactively stop this crime.       


150,000 new escort ads are posted online every day


Mixed into all those ads are children who are bought and sold for sex online. Law Enforcement officers lack the time and training necessary to locate a victim in a haystack so to say. The PURSUIT® Team within Guardian Group acts as a force multiplier. By investing the hours necessary looking at publicly available information (social media sites, escort ads etc…) and providing that information directly to Law Enforcement, officers are able to act quickly in order to recover victims and arrest predators.